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  1. PapaRaptor

    Other than Carli........

    get the 5.5 Carli do not mess around with a 3.5 lift that will only give you an inch or so. sorry but you will probably have to wait. a few weeks but worth it.
  2. PapaRaptor

    Other than Carli........

    My 02 cent worth is go 5.5 and wait for the Carli 3.5 on a Tremor is not much for the huge wait and price tags. Cheap lift kits are junk better to be stock than to add a junk kit. I decided to go slightly larger and wider wheels and tires and skip the lift kit BS. I am very happy...
  3. PapaRaptor

    Other than Carli........

    How much lift do you want?
  4. PapaRaptor

    Garage....does it fit!?

    they are long and tall. Will fit in a 7' tall door but the 253" that will be tight.
  5. PapaRaptor

    TOTM April 2021 Tremor of the Month Winner is...

    I am going to the dog pound next month and having naked girls too.
  6. PapaRaptor

    Where do we live and why?

    I am here in SE Wisconsin on a small Lake outside Milwaukee. Its in Waukesha County heavy Republican county. Summers are awesome but I am sick of winter and the salt on the roads. The state is a shit show with the liberals in Madison and Milwaukee but we have lots of good people in farming...
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    Funny Pictures and Memes

  8. PapaRaptor

    Funny Pictures and Memes

  9. PapaRaptor

    What’s on your Smoker or Grill today?

    Smoked some pig but tonight on the Traeger (Apple Bourbon Ham )
  10. PapaRaptor

    Who needed high idle?

    I need to do that
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    Let's See Your Mutts

  12. PapaRaptor

    New to the forum

    Welcome and congrats invoice is good these days
  13. PapaRaptor

    Tremor Imposters

    Here is my Fake Tremor :cool: :cool: :cool: I removed the sticker:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: at least it matches my 5er
  14. PapaRaptor

    17-Inch Wheel?

    17 is a great off road size the Jeepers love that size cause you can play with the air pressure and the sidewalls are proportionate If you need to add a ton of weight for the balance you can't stack it or it could hit.
  15. PapaRaptor

    Wanted - Tremor wheels & tires

    Yep stuff is on BO everywhere, not only the supply line problems but with tax refunds guys are buying it up be a shame to have a new tremor on blocks.
  16. PapaRaptor

    Tint recommendations

    That is a depends on where you are question My kids in Florida get very deep tint ( 5%??) and include the windshield. I have a tough time seeing out of it at night. I had mine done in 20% with the ceramic UV product. Its very nice. Hard to see in but you can drive at night and not going...
  17. PapaRaptor

    Which gear ratio?

    I do not believe there is another option for a 6.7 Tremor I like the 3.55 ratio and the 10 speed trans is top dog.
  18. PapaRaptor

    Anyone used Alligator V2B pass-through valve caps?

    That should save your back! I will have an on board tank and the twin ARB on my Tremor. I would like to hard plumb a line to connect and disconnect. Just did one on my Rubicon but its the single ARB. It's really nice to have on board air. That kit would be great!
  19. PapaRaptor

    Anyone used Alligator V2B pass-through valve caps?

    What are you using for Air? I have the Arb but it would take forever to do all four. , assuming you have a fairly large air tank. I like the idea of having same exact pressure in all 4 and one place to check the pressure.
  20. PapaRaptor

    35's or 37's?

    I agree and they also wear front end steering components more. So the addition of the dual stabilizers will help make things last longer.