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  1. MTTremor

    Caution Scammer - WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

    Avoid this place. Has nice website Great salesman Best customer service UNTIL he gets your $$$$$$$$ My buddy has some work done by Cody at Outlaw LED on his 2020 F450. He spent over $2,500.00 and now 3 months after install (By Ford Dealership) 2 of the parts (Mirror Blinkers) have stopped...
  2. MTTremor

    Ol Flag
  3. MTTremor

    Train Horns

    These horns go behind the front bumper so you keep your spare tire. If you are interested, send over your address and phone number and I can put the order in so it comes right from us, ordering on our website won't. I can also add some kleinn swag items and maybe save you a few bucks.. Thanks...
  4. MTTremor

    Phantom Battery Drainage

    I just read this article on the F150 Ford phantom battery drain and I wanted to tell you my story. Sent to reporter: I have a 2020 Ford F250 Tremor and I do not drive it much. I have FordPass on my phone and get alerts telling me...
  5. MTTremor

    Hidden plugs to jump start your truck

    So when your truck sits for a long period of time the electronics drain your battery. I am getting rid of the key lock on the driver's door and installing a Jimmy Jam for security. With no power you key gob and entery touch pad will not work so you can not get into your truck to open the hood...
  6. MTTremor

    Lemons into Lemonade

    Story- My adopted son was 20 years old he went to a party and the police came to break it up. He was drunk. This was in the winter time in Colorado about -1. He decided to sit in the passenger seat start his truck to do the right thing. Later on a police officer came and knocked on his window...
  7. MTTremor

    The Wall

    My buddy WAS building the wall on the AZ Mexico boarder. On Friday they got orders to stop as per Biden. At the end of the memo they we told that all Contractors awarded the work will get the fist option to bid on the future work to remove it as per Biden.
  8. MTTremor

    DPF Owner Control Regen (OCR) MOD

    Has anyone did the mod to control the DEP regen through ForScan? If so can you post how you did this?
  9. MTTremor

    Auto Mirrors Fold In and out at shutdown and start

    Has anyone did the mod to have the mirrors automatically fold in when you turn off your truck mind open when you start your truck. If so can you post how you did this?
  10. MTTremor

    XS Power Batteries and Billet Terminals

    Has anyone installed the XS Power batteries in there truck yet? I cam across these and they seem to have high cold cranking amps and the terminals are nice and clean when you are adding extra gadgets. Kind of pricey.
  11. MTTremor

    Hallmark Enclosed Edge Lowboy Trailer For Sale

    Hallmark Enclosed Edge Lowboy Trailer For Sale Custom built to my likings. Pulls great and hauls 2 Harley-Davidson or 1 ATV. Closet space, electric jack, and spare tire. 13,000 OBO. Willing to take part trade and cash.
  12. MTTremor

    For Sale 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 4X4

    For Sale 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 4X4 1/2 Ton Chevy 1500 Silverado leather 32k on new 5.3 supercharged motor and 4L80 transmission. 1k on new tires. New - Slotted rotors Calipers 3/4 master cylinder Heater core Radiator Interstate battery Professional grade and installed alarm and Focal...
  13. MTTremor

    Warning Stoepel Ford Kervilke, Texas

    I have a cluncking noise on my left front wheel and brake. When brakes are applied and turning to the left the steering locks up and will not turn all the way to the steering stop. With no brakes applied and turning to the left it still makes a bad clunking noise but it will turn all the way to...
  14. MTTremor

    WTF Did I Do?

    Put a wood crate by the truck thought I was pass it and turned and damn if I did not hit it, with only 2,800 miles on the truck. Damn Murphys law.
  15. MTTremor

    Front Camera Programing

    Has anyone figured out how to make the front camera come on when you put your truck into drive without having to press the button and turn off at 6 MPH?
  16. MTTremor

    Turbo Lag Sprint Booster v.3

    I talked with Sprint Booster last week and here is what they have for the 2020. The 2019 will fix and work on the 2020 F- Series and they will be updating their site soon. I have ordered mine tired of the lag when I...
  17. MTTremor

    LinksWell - GEN IV 12.1" T-Style Radio

    Has anyone added the LinksWell - GEN IV 12.1" T-Style Radio to there truck yet? I would like to know how you like it over stock. I am really looking hard at adding one with the 360 adapter...
  18. MTTremor

    Anti Dust Mats

    Been talking with Cup Holder Hero about adding the 2020 SD to their product line I really like the product they are making for the F150 now. Take a look and if interested please contact them so they will start R and D one the SD Trucks...
  19. MTTremor

    Cetane Booster

    Is anyone using a Cetane Booster in your fuel? I would like to know what you recommend and you opinion on using Cetane Booster in the newer diesels.
  20. MTTremor

    Bushwacker Trail Armor

    Bushwacker makes a sill plate that is paintable for all 4 doors I installed my with out paint and I like them. What do you think?