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    Garage....does it fit!?

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    Upgrade you Puck Covers! (Video)

    I'm a member here, please subscribe and support my channel. Thanks guys!!
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

    Yes, only the Sand/Snow made a difference.
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

    Yes I did slippery and it didn't do anything.
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

    They were in auto. Would having them locked make a difference? I can try it again next time when I go out.
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

    Hey guys, I'm the one who made the video. Just FYI... I did try the other modes and they did nothing. It did work well once they locked up, being that only the one front wheel had traction out of four. That one front wheel still pulled the entire truck up and out basically on its own. Oh... and...
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

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    Tow and mpg review of F250 7.3 Tremor

    Tow and mpg review of F250 7.3 Tremor.
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    Truck broken into!!!

    I installed Jimmi Jammers on all 4 doors a week after I bought my truck. It took me about 3 hours to do all 4 doors. The only way someone gets into my truck now is by breaking a window, which most won't do because of the attention grabbing noise. I don't have a push button start so I don't have...
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    Cool video

    I've only had it a couple of days but so far so good. You lose XM but can still get it via their website. However that means you have to be somewhere where you get service. I don't have the XM so wasn't an issue for me though.
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    Cool video

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    The Tremor does have a rake to it. I think it's close to 2 inches higher in the rear if not more. Also, Ford never claimed it was a leveling kit, they said it was, I think, 2 inches higher than a non-Tremor. I have air bags on mine, but you are right, the truck is made to squat... it just looks...
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    (Video) Tremor 250/350 the same spring pack

    Most of us knew this, but still a good video. Now if we could confirm if the axles between the two are the same on the 250/350 Tremors.
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    Leaning to drivers side....

    If you are using your bags to level it will ride like shit unloaded, especially if you are going to put more psi on the driverside than the passenger side. I have bags and notice the ride quality difference with just a couple of pounds in them. I run zero PSI and leave the valve stems out so the...