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  1. Mountain Man

    Anyone have 8 factory lugs to sell?

    After realizing recently that my acorn style lugs on my Method wheels will not work on my factory spare, I'm looking to buy a set of 8 factory lugs. Anybody have some they'd like to sell?
  2. Mountain Man

    Who has installed LED's in their grille?

    I'd like to install some LED light bars in or behind my Tremor Lariat Sport grille and am wondering if anyone has done this yet? Specifically, how bad are shadows if the LED's are installed behind the thin vertical pieces of the grille? I don't really want to cut out those pieces. I also am...
  3. Mountain Man

    6.7L Exhaust Tip

    Has anyone installed an exhaust tip on their 6.7L? I'd like to cut off the dual galvanized outlets and install a single black tip but it sure doesn't look like their is much straight & round pipe left to attach a new tip to once the duals are cut off.
  4. Mountain Man

    The Tremor Forum 6.7L Oil Thread!

    I'm sure I'm igniting the Ford vs Chevy, 9mm vs 45ACP, Coke vs Pepsi debate but I'm going to do it anyway. From what I've read, the major oil brands, when changed at appropriate intervals, are all about the same. For the sake of this thread and poll, I'm going to stick to full synthetics for...
  5. Mountain Man

    2 Tremors available in Nor Cal

    I have an interesting situation to offer. In late Feb I was discussing the order of a Tremor from my local Ford dealer. I was unsure whether I wanted Star White or Iconic Silver. I had the dealer build and quote me both. Two weeks later I called and ordered the Iconic Silver. At that time I...
  6. Mountain Man

    SOLD SOLD: Mickey Thompson Classic II Wheels & Pro Comp Tires

    SOLD! Set of four Mickey Thompson Classic II polished aluminum wheels and Pro Comp Xtreme AT tires. Asking $900 $800 $600 Wheels are 18"x10", 8x170 bolt pattern, -25mm offset, 4.5" backspace. These are classic MT wheels that have been discontinued for several years now. These wheels will fit...
  7. Mountain Man

    Paint stock 6.7L Tailpipe

    I saw a guy on the FTE forum did this, user "Morleyz". This is a pic of his truck. I just ordered a can of VHT Flameproof flat black on Amazon. Seems like a great mod that will save $500 for a black DPF back exhaust that offers no real performance improvements. Any thoughts on this? I'll be...
  8. Mountain Man

    SOLD SOLD: 2020 Tremor Wheel & Tire Set

    SOLD!! I pulled off my stock wheels & tires today with 1,471 miles on them. They are Goodyear Duratracs LT285/75/18, Load Range E, made in USA. The wheels are 18x8.5 with a +40 offset. TPMS sensors are not included. Factory center caps, lug nuts, & wheel locks are included. I'm located...
  9. Mountain Man

    Replace seats?

    Here is an off the wall idea. Has anyone considered or looked into buying the multi contour seats? These are the massaging seats available in King Ranch and up. I have a Lariat with leather but am just considering options. It would be ideal to buy just the guts and reuse my cushions and leather.
  10. Mountain Man

    SOLD SOLD: Tremor Running Boards (Raptor Style)

    Took off my Raptor style running boards from my 2020 Tremor. Had them on the truck for 300 miles so they are in as-new condition. Comes with mounting hardware. Will fit a broad range of trucks. Asking $350. SOLD! Located in the San Francisco Bay area in CA. I have a box and will ship but you...
  11. Mountain Man

    18" vs 20" Ride Quality

    I plan on getting new wheels for my Tremor and running 35 x 12.5 x 18 or 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. It makes sense that 18's will ride a little softer and that 20's will handle a little better but may feel more of the road bumps. Can anyone comment on their experience with ride quality &...
  12. Mountain Man

    Warranty and service plans

    I've received pricing on a FMPP Extended Service Contract (5yr / 100K, $3,285) and a Ford Maintenance Plan ($3,170) from my dealer. I have no way of knowing if this is good pricing or not. What do you all think? Also, I can add these same coverages at a later time for similar pricing? The dealer...
  13. Mountain Man

    Can I disable the proximity sensor?

    Here's the deal. With my last three Ford's I ALWAYS leave my key in the door pocket when leaving the truck. I lock and unlock the truck with the exterior keypad and start the truck with a physical key. I also have a digital keypad on the front door of my house. I don't carry any keys! It's...
  14. Mountain Man

    Ford to Shutdown Plants

    Those of us waiting on our trucks are now going to be waiting a lot longer. Plants shut down AT LEAST until March 30. Possibly much longer.
  15. Mountain Man

    Wheel Well Liners

    Did anyone get the front wheel well liners? If so, can you post a picture? What's the consensus on these, rear only or both front and rear?
  16. Mountain Man

    Ordered my Tremor today

    Well boys, pulled the trigger on my new Tremor today! F250, Iconic Silver, Lariat, loaded with most all of the options! Dealer said 6-8 weeks. The build sheet shows Priority Code 10 for whatever that's worth.
  17. Mountain Man

    Backup camera question

    I saw a video that showed the front facing camera being activated while in drive. Can the rear facing camera be activated as well while in drive? I asking because I plan to get the trailer camera system and want to know if I can see behind the trailer while driving down the road.
  18. Mountain Man

    Fold Flat Underseat Storage

    I'm getting ready to order a Lariat Tremor and it does not look like it comes with the fold flat underseat storage. I don't see it as an add on or in any of the packages and it's not showing up in the interior pics on my build on the Ford website. Can anyone confirm if the Lariat Tremor...