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  1. richtor

    Anyone Remove the spare tire Heat Shield?

    Now that I don’t need the heat shield I’m going to take it off. Hopefully it’s just a few bolts.
  2. richtor

    What Oil?

    Coming on 15k miles. My first change was just before 5k miles. I would like to go full synthetic for the rest of its life. Just trying to figure out which brand of 5w30 for my 7.3.
  3. richtor

    LLoD is Building a Tremor!
  4. richtor

    Sean Connery

    Life well lived!!
  5. richtor

    Underrated? Impressive!
  6. richtor

    Politics Section on

    Poll is above...
  7. richtor

    Bronze NV with Race Red?

    I may have an opportunity to pick up bronze 18x9 NV 305. Would they look good on my Race Red Tremor? Maybe someone could chop them for me?
  8. richtor

    FordPass, who is keeping it?

    I did not realize this. Soon as my ford pass points are gone, I will be deleting it. More info below.
  9. richtor

    Posting Pictures

    Am I the only one that likes the full picture and not just thumbnails? Thumbnails have to be clicked and then sometimes downloaded to another screen just to see the picture someone is showcasing. There is an easier way! Hit full image and we, your readers will not have to go the through this...
  10. richtor

    Tire Pressure Light Reset?

    I lowered my tire pressure on the rear wheels to 65 but one tire ended up at 63 and one at 67. It was all controlled by a computer not sure why it was so different. My light gauge went on when my rear wheel went 62 in the morning temps. Now each rear wheel is at 67 but my light still on. How...
  11. richtor

    Goodyear Debacle

    I don't want this to be a political thread, so please don't, in saying this I completely disagree with their stance. Now I am not buying their tires per say but having them on the Tremor is sort of like an endorsement. With the limited tire selection at 35/11 Im now thinking of new wheels and...
  12. richtor

    Tremor V Power Wagon in the Dirt

    Good video. Tremor did everything the sway disconnect front locker PW did. The only question was 1050tq for $20k it worth it. They said no.
  13. richtor

    Anyone have Tremor personal plates?

    Anyone going with specific personal plates for their rigs or builds? Ideas for them. In CA it’s a max of 7 symbols.
  14. richtor

    Week of 8/10 Tremor Builds in here:

    Let’s keep track of the early June or other order dates and week of August 10 build dates. I believe there’s 6 or 7 now on the forums. XLT 7.3 Race Red ordered from the Sacramento CA area....I have been upgraded to official build day but do not have confirmation on what day yet.
  15. richtor

    Aftermarket LED Headlights?

    Anyone looking into or who has already added these whether they are oem or aftermarket? I’m looking for plug and play led headlamps with the oem look of led day running lights. Thanks in Advance..
  16. richtor

    Those Without Push Button Start(Both XLT and Lariat)

    Ive ordered my XLT Tremor but do not have a VIN as of yet. I was informed that XLT and all Tremors could be turned on through the Ford app on your phone. Even with that I went ahead and ordered push button start. My Question: With your truck, can you turn on your Tremor and drive it all...
  17. richtor

    Power Mirrors or base?

    I just saw how the power mirrors fold in when the truck is turned off and it’s super nice, just another item tucked out of the way so things can’t bang on it. Though they are up high enough they are out of the way from most door dings. It is another thing to fix when it stops working...
  18. richtor

    One touch open on XLT?

    Can one purchase a new XLT Tremor and get one touch door open on the handle? I know it can be ordered with a key fob, I’m assuming it can be opened through the Ford app, however is there an option for this on the XLT like there is on the Lariat? Its a little disappointing that a min $53k...
  19. richtor

    Factory Nav After Purchase?

    Can you order oem nav after purchase? One of the trucks I’m looking at does not have nav. What would it take to add oem nav? Would an aftermarket babe keep everything else in sync 3 the same? I would not want to lose sync 3 by going aftermarket. Thanks.