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  1. zeke2020

    Remote fuel door

    My ‘87 mustang had a remote fuel door latch with the button in the glove box. Anybody else have thoughts of doing this? This might be a cool project for the summer. A neighbor a few years back was sabotaged when someone dumped sugar down the filler neck. There was sugar crystals left inside the...
  2. zeke2020

    Superduty Tremor-R ?

    With the anticipated release of the Raptor-R in 2022. Does anybody else but me think Ford should also release a Super Duty Tremor-R? A factory supercharged 7.3L? Sign me up! What say you all? By the way, these are 35’s that have since been upsized to 37’s . Latest pic i have
  3. zeke2020

    Tranny temp gauge?

    I have a question about your typical transmission temperature reading. I live in central NY and oddly, when the outside temperature is above 28 or so degrees (F), the gauge appears to work as it should. But below that temperature, the reading barely moves from the “bottom” even after 20 + mile...
  4. zeke2020

    Recall notice?

    Anyone else receive a recall notice? It looks like a SYNC upgrade with Ford action number: 2OU19. Any thoughts?
  5. zeke2020

    Pedal Commander

    I am curious if anyone has used one of these in their trucks? It seems warranty-friendly, easy to install with some actual, noticeable results. Well, at least what I read on the interweb, so it must be true?!!?
  6. zeke2020

    SOLD Tremor suspension 4 sale

    Off my ‘20 7.3, crew cab. I installed a 4” lift yesterday and want this stuff gone. Make an offer. Central NY. Btw, only 1700 miles on everything! I got to work from home during covid so no miles were put on.
  7. zeke2020

    SOLD Exhaust for sale

    Off my 2020 Tremor w7.3. I installed after market and dont want it around. I hate to scrap it. Crew cab/ short box. Central NY. Make me an offer
  8. zeke2020

    2020 F350 Tremor suspension parts 4 sale

    Any interest out there for this stuff? Came off my crew cab yesterday- I went with a 4” lift. Id hate to scrap it. Central NY
  9. zeke2020

    Here’s my ride