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    TOTM April 2021 Tremor of the Month Winner is...

    Congratulations, great looking dog! Tremor not bad either.
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    New to this forum

    Congrats sharp looking truck.
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    Where do we live and why?

    New Jersey, like paying taxes.
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    It arrived

    Nice congratulations.
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    Got it!!!

    Congrats, sharp looking truck.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome and congrats.
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    Braking at speed pulls hard to the right (Brand new)

    My truck did this a few times when it was brand new. I also had a soft brake pedal or required more effort to stop in my opinion. It lasted until the brakes broke in. Haven't had the problem since. Also, the truck has good initial bite now when stopping and stops like the other Super Dutys...
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    Another Newbie

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    Just Bought!!!

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    Method 317's have arrived ..

    Can't wait to see.
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    Rut roh... Looks like a big 10 speed problem

    There is no way I'm keeping this truck, if I have to have this repair done. Ford needs to get there act together, just to many stupid problems. I had my reservations about buying the first year of the 10 speed and I guess it's coming true.
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    New to this forum

    Congrats and welcome.
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    Shes home!

    Congrats, sharp looking truck.
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    New Member from Raleigh

    Congrats and welcome.
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    New guy from MI. 2022 on order

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    Took off the badge.

    Welcome to the club, lol.
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    Classic ford cobra

    Beautiful car.
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    Just picked up my Carbonized Grey Super Duty 6.7

    Congrats sharp color.
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    Banks PedalMonster

    I would reach out to banks just to see what then say. I have never lost the setting since installing mine, been several months now.