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  1. PapaRaptor

    Meet "Silver Fox" ( the Tremor saver )

    Just brought him home so I don't have to do my landscaping and dirty work with my Tremor. He is in the second most coolest color available " Iconic Silver" :cool: An XL chassis but he has some cool options, 7.3 Godzilla, up fitter switches, dual battery, 397 alt. 4:30 gears, power group...
  2. PapaRaptor

    If I place an order with my dealership next day or so when will the truck come in???

    I am looking at a 2022 order out Carbonized grey F350 7.3 they tell me they can take the order. build starts June???? not sure when they would see it. But by ordering now I at least get in line. What say you on the delivery date for a 2022????
  3. PapaRaptor

    2020 winch install advice

    Hey guys I have the winch coming from my Ford store parts department. I was thinking about a self install. I installed winches on my Jeep and both my Honda ATVs, but they are tiny toys compared to the big Warn Winch on the Tremor. Plus I am by myself and I don't want to heavy the...
  4. PapaRaptor

    decided to sell my SVT Raptor V-8

    The wifey likes my Tremor so much we decided to make some room in the garage If you want a show room new V-8 Raptor with tons of extras message me for info. its a great garage mate for your Tremor
  5. PapaRaptor

    Corrosion heated garage vs outdoors debate

    I have kept my vehicles in my insulated and heated garage for years. I seem to always have a conversation with somebody regarding corrosion. Yes we have aluminum bodies. great. The debate is as follows: Couple guys tell me, my cars will rust out faster keeping them inside a heated...
  6. PapaRaptor

    Is today the big day????

    Is today 1-13-21 the big day??? :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. PapaRaptor

    Danny boy gots a new set of meats

    Got em!!!!! Thanks Dave for your tips on everything and helping me lighten my wallet. Question for you guys..... New Fuel wheels have the center caps. What to do with the front lock out hubs, run no center caps or cover them up and just run AUTO?????
  8. PapaRaptor

    in the bed bike rack ( fat bike, mountain bike)

    I am looking for Ideas to haul my 29er, or Fat bike or wifeys or buddys bike to hit the trails in the woods. About an hour drive for most trails. I purchased the Built right rack system on the October group buy and just love it. I would like to see a built right rack that mounts along the...
  9. PapaRaptor

    Underside of my hood not body color??? thoughts

    So there was some talk on another thread about the underside of the hoods. Many are body color. Some are a satin black color. I Know several with the Velocity Blue trucks with body color on the undersides of the hood. BUT................they are not SPORT models or ( 2021 black). Mine is...
  10. PapaRaptor

    Dealership wanted $140.00 to update my Ford Sync.

    I was at the service Department today for a check engine light. The one for the air filter sensor. They updated my system N/C, I asked since it was in could they update my Ford Sync and they said it was a $140.00 Charge. He told me to go home let the truck run outside with my WIFI and...
  11. PapaRaptor

    Who has experienced a regen or exhaust filter situation

    I have 6k miles and try to not use for short trips. Have not experienced any type of "regen" or other exhaust filter messages. I did however use a lot of DEF fluid pulling my 5th wheel and other trailers.
  12. PapaRaptor

    The Sport Club ( lets see them sport versions)

    Or if you have a 21 the "Black out"
  13. PapaRaptor

    All is well and I am happy with my Tremor

    I keep seeing threads with problems or issues. I feel there is a "silent majority " of very happy owners that keep enjoying their Tremors. Here You go! I am thrilled with my purchase and 100% satisfied 6k miles & 6 months trouble free ownership.
  14. PapaRaptor

    What do you do for fun?

    Seems like everyone is enjoying their Tremors, lots of Dogs, Camping,boats and off roading. What else do you do in your past time?
  15. PapaRaptor

    What color is your Tremor?

    Just wanting some data on approximately how many colors of each we have in the group. What is rare or most common exterior color for the Tremor?
  16. PapaRaptor

    Tire rotation preference ?

    What is everyone doing for rotation? slide rears to front ( same side) then cross fronts? Is there anything with the sensors that needs a reset?
  17. PapaRaptor

    Bio diesel fuel what's the deal

    Not really an option here, we just have diesel fuel ( unless you go to Costco its Bio diesel). I just returned from a trip from Wisconsin to Colorado and almost every state outside WI had only bio diesel at the pumps. I was forced to buy it and burn it. I think it sucks. Mileage went...
  18. PapaRaptor

    Clone Tremors

    The Tremor would be one of the easiest vehicles to clone. Since its just an option not really a model like a Shelby or GT. Ebay has Tremor stickers, Many of us have upgraded our wheels and sold the old ones. So any Clones out there yet? Is there any indication by the VIN # that its real...
  19. PapaRaptor

    Who is the king of miles ? how many miles on your Tremor?

    Will start this off, I am a pup with 1,827 miles on the ticker