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    Upgrade you Puck Covers! (Video)

    I'm a member here, please subscribe and support my channel. Thanks guys!!
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

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    Tow and mpg review of F250 7.3 Tremor

    Tow and mpg review of F250 7.3 Tremor.
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    Cool video

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    (Video) Tremor 250/350 the same spring pack

    Most of us knew this, but still a good video. Now if we could confirm if the axles between the two are the same on the 250/350 Tremors.
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    So I did a few things.

    I did a couple of things. Played with Forscan... got temps working in display, changed tire psi warning to 45 (running 50 on all 4), did bambi mode, turned off chimes. Added my carbon fiber overlay pieces (steering wheel, navigating, drive select, 110 volt cover, door handle, window switch)...
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    7.3 Subtle misfire at idle

    Anyone have a very subtle misfire at idle with the 7.3? It's barely there but I can feel it.
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    0% at 84 months!

    GM just announced it was doing this because of the Coronavirus. Ford is offering 90 day deferred payment. Common Ford... match GM!!! My truck will be here in a week!
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    Reversed Leveled with airbags

    So I'm probably about a month out but I'm pretty sure I want to reverse level with airbags when I get my truck. I'm trying to sort everything out and looking for comments or suggestions. Before one of you guys ask why I want to do this... it's for a few reasons. First I don't want to mess with...
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    Is it this easy?

    Anyone see any drivetrain problems doing this with just removing the block? I would like to do this with airbags
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    SYNC 3.4

    Do all the 2020's have it?
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    (Poll) What trim did you get?

    What trim did you get?
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    (Poll) Who's has/getting/ordering what?

    Who has/getting/ordering what?
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    I notice everyone with regular non-tremors get caster shims when they do a 2.5 level. From what I've read Ford doesnt give enough caster adjustment and thats why the shims are needed to get the alignment right. With the Tremor having a factory lift I wonder if Ford added more caster...
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    Cool Camparo

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    2020 Ordering Guide

    Have fun!!
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    2020+ Super Duty Known Issues

    Well... as much as we would like our trucks to be perfect... it aint gonna happen! I figured I would start a thread where everyone could post known issues, problems, defects and how they were resolved either from the dealer or owner fix. This should be helpful knowledge should one of us have the...
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    Ordering Help

    So I have a Tremor on order but keep hearing comments on how the dealer screwed up on the order, and now they're waiting on the second order. I ordered on 2/3/20 so I'm only 10 days in. I would much rather catch a mistake now rather than when it's delivered. I didn't receive anything from the...