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  1. Mountain Man

    Iconic Silver Tremors

    Looks amazing!
  2. Mountain Man

    Post your off-road gauge!

    Turn on your Hill Descent!!!
  3. Mountain Man


    Finally! Congrats Ironman!
  4. Mountain Man

    What do you guys run for winter weight?

    Just have your wife ride in the back during winter! 😬😬😬
  5. Mountain Man

    Political: Which party would you most identify with?

    You did not have to click it.
  6. Mountain Man

    Political: Which party would you most identify with?

    Can't pick any of your choices. You need a choice for the new Patriot Party. The two party system has failed. America as we knew it is in deep trouble.
  7. Mountain Man

    Oh shit moment

    Lucky! My daughter towed two horses on the 1 7/8" ball during a fire evacuation.... When the trailer was a 2 5/16"!!! Nothing happened, I just noticed it later when removing the ball mount. Could have been U.G.L.Y.
  8. Mountain Man

    2021 Quad Beams too bright?

    I get flashed constantly as well. And not the good kind either! 😬
  9. Mountain Man


    My smart ass son would tell me that’s three things. Nevertheless, I’ll wait for the opportunity to use it on him.
  10. Mountain Man

    Platinum vs loaded Lariat?

    The adaptive cruise is a MUST HAVE option. I use it constantly and absolutely love it. It is available on the lariat and I highly recommend you get it!
  11. Mountain Man

    Carli steering problems

    Give CJC Off-road a call. I'm sure they can and will offer you good advice.
  12. Mountain Man

    TOTM December 2020 - Tremor of the Month.. Starts Now!

    I heard Modified uses Dominion voting machines to tabulate the TOTM votes???
  13. Mountain Man

    Atypical modifications

    I did. Piece of cake. I also installed the Carli steering stabilizer with it.
  14. Mountain Man

    Burning Smell & Smoke In Cab

    I've got 11,000 mi on my 6.7 and I've never noticed a single regen occurring nor has the truck shown any warning or other indication of a regen. I know they are happening because I check my DPF filter gauge from time to time. Why isn't my truck providing a notification of a regen?
  15. Mountain Man

    Most Unique Mod Award

    Remove drywall and frame in a pocket for your front bumper. You can easily get 3-4” out of this.
  16. Mountain Man


    What are the circles and squares for?
  17. Mountain Man


    The truck is sweet for sure but isn’t overlanding just a millennial word for camping? :unsure:
  18. Mountain Man

    Ford Pass Connect won’t active

    Mine works sometimes. Other times it doesn't. Frustrating!
  19. Mountain Man

    B&W 5" or 7" or go WDH?

    I have the B&W 3" shank, 5" drop. Works perfect for my 20' enclosed trailer (8,000#), my boat, horse trailer, and flatbed trailer. I also didn't want it any longer than necessary to prevent dragging.