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  1. sroemmich

    ceramic coat update

    I posted a while back about putting Armor Shield IX ceramic on my truck. Well I spent this weekend in the desert dragging the truck through sage brush and dust. When we returned home the only thing I did was spray it down with a hose and blew it off with a leaf blower. I am at a loss for...
  2. sroemmich

    Towing update with the 7.3

    As my truck gets more mileage on it I am liking it more and more. Another quick camping trip over and I am continually impressed with this pickup. Not quite 300 miles this trip, almost all flat 55-65 mph. Increased lifetime towing mpg to 11.6, in my opinion amazing for a gasser 3/4 ton...
  3. sroemmich

    First tow with 7.3

    Just got home from first towing experience with the 7.3. 8,400lb trailer, pickup man-handled it like it wasn't there. Mostly stop and go highway 55mph-ish. Started and stopped in both regular and tow mode (either seemed fine). Only about 50 miles to take the trailer into the shop to get an...
  4. sroemmich

    ethanol vs clear 7.3 MPG

    I finished burning the tank of fuel that the dealership gave me, just for fun I decided to see how it ran on clear gas. Holy crap, 13.2 mpg running 87 octane e10, 16 mpg on Clear premium (I wish I could buy lower octane clear in Oregon the premium is expensive). All mixed driving. Cruising...
  5. sroemmich

    She’s home

  6. sroemmich

    "Badges, we need some stinking badges" 7.3

    Just delivered, should they go on the hood or on the door where the powerstoke ones are?
  7. sroemmich

    I did it

    Pulled the trigger yesterday, should have it in a few days. Loaded XLT with the 7.3. Originally was going to order a mildly optioned lariat but with all fun happening in the world decided to buy something close to my ideal.