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    POLL: Did your truck come from dealer inventory, or did you special order it

    Not much else to say. Saw a related discussion in another thread, and thought this might be an interesting poll thread.
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    LED’s Aimed Stupid Low at Delivery

    Well I never thought I’d have this problem, as the opposite seems predominant, but driving my new truck home 300 miles in the dark last night left A LOT to be desired in forward lighting. They are set to cast maybe 1-1.5 seconds of light in front of you at highway speeds. Legitimately aimed so...
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    Quick questions before I order a hitch and shackles...

    Need to order a hitch and shackles for my Tremor before I actually take delivery. Buying a 7.3 F350. The 7.3's are the 2.5" hitch, correct? Want to order a B&W, and I'm guessing the 7" drop? Going to order some Crosby shackles. Go for the 5/8" or 3/4"? Weren't some guys having issues...
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    Any reason to order high output alternator and/or dual batteries on 7.3?

    I've pretty much finalized my Tremor build, and hoping to get it ordered in the next week or so. One item I'm struggling with is the HO alternator option(s) and the dual battery option. My primary need for a 1 ton truck like this is that I plan to eventually get a slide-in bed camper...
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    Anyone getting anything better than X-Plan right now?

    First post here! Looking to order a Tremor soon, and I'm not having much luck getting anything below X-Plan. This includes some national-level high volume, low margin type of dealers. I know deals aren't out there right now, but I guess I hoped to at least get X-Plan (or invoice) and maybe...