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  1. sroemmich

    Tremor in cab stored Essentials?

  2. sroemmich

    Having trouble towing.

    THIS 100%
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    Just got back from 10 day mule deer hunt. Seven days of watching the little ones was enough for me. Only caught a few glimpses of the big boys right at dark. Tremor had zero issues with the goat track we had to take daily to get to the deer.
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    Beer thread - what are you drinking?

    I've given up on the fancy stuff and gone back to Coors light. Or if I'm really feeling froggy Keystone light. Takes me back to those high school days!!!
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    Aftermarket LED Headlights

    Yep, mine swapped out easily by just removing the airbox.
  6. sroemmich

    The more I drive it the less I like it.

    A lot of complaints about the transmission, what does shifts like shit mean? The 10 speed in mine is the best feeling transmission I’ve ever had. No hard shifts no searching. I love it. I’m curious what issues people are having.
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    Raptor Steering Wheel Mod - Super Duty Tremor

    Mine has pro backup assist and no adaptive steering. I did the swap months ago and it works great.
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    FordPass, who is keeping it?

  9. sroemmich

    AT&T WiFi hot spot activation first (3) months complementary

    Do you set it up in the truck then call at&t to get it hooked up?
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    Raptor Steering Wheel Mod - Super Duty Tremor

    Something to do with the adaptive motor
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    Tremors and Campers let's talk camping!!

    Freakin awesome
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    Raptor Steering Wheel Mod - Super Duty Tremor

    That is true, it will not work with adaptive steering
  13. sroemmich

    Raptor Steering Wheel Mod - Super Duty Tremor

    Yes you can change the buttons it is very easy. THe entire swap is and boosted grey goose is very responsive to questions. as far as functionality I never want to have another truck I intend to tow with without paddle shifters.
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    Comprehensive MPG thread.

    I am at 8003 miles, was averaging 12 ish with mixed driving. Current tank at 14 mpg(maybe a little more highway than normal), definitely seemed like its broken in.
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    Help - Gas vs Diesel in Denver

    Drove both, no doubt the diesel is ridiculously powerful, and will do the work easier. That being said I went with the gas, I think anything under 15k and you will be happy with it. It pulls better than any gas engine I've driven. Pulling 8k-9k pounds at 65-75 I've seen a real 10 mpg and...
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    Help - Gas vs Diesel in Denver

    What gears do you have in the rear of your XD? I pull 7-9k with my 7.3 with 4:30's and have been nothing but impressed.
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Are they these ones?
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    Sport Mode

    Just went for another drive. Maybe its because I normally drive in ECO and it looks like when you put it in sport mode the eco gets turned off, but shift points are definitely different in my truck once I turn it on. And it could be entirely in my own mind, but it feels most like towing mode...