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    Imagine waiting 16 weeks for this!

    No great choice to be had. I 100% would not want it if the repair was reported to carfax and whatnot. If that's not a concern, then I'd want to know how far down the truck needs to be disassembled to perform the repair. A lot of body/interior stuff never goes back together after a repair as...
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    Raptor running boards or electric?

    I actually kinda wish my electrics had LESS of a drop. I feel like I have to really get my leg down there a ways before I catch the step when exiting the truck, like it's too low. But I'm glad my short wife and my average height older Dad can get in without problem.
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    Tremor Front Diff Video!

    The way that reacts depending on mode pretty much says its a "limited slip" via the computer controlling wheel spin via the brakes. Which means calling it a "limited slip" is a stretch. A clutched limited slip doesn't have a brain to vary its application depending on a ECU mode. At least IMO...
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    Raptor running boards or electric?

    I too recalled the difference more like the guy you quoted. About 17" for the electrics and about 20" for the fixed.
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    Broken trim from cab top to glass?

    I would have hit that with some touch up paint, and I'm pretty damn OCD. No way a spray and blend is coming close to my factory paint to fix that tiny scratch in an area no one can hardly see. The less technicians - body or mechanical - who touch your vehicle the less damage they can cause...
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    Good deal ?

    That's around the best I found when I placed my order in 12/2020, and I plastered a lot of dealers (300-400 mile radius). Seeing other deals talked about around here would indicate that is about as good as it gets generally. Hope for a PCO in the mean time.
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    Windshield Recall

    Yep. Please leave my quiet, factory sealed windshield alone please.
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    Has anyone swapped black to chrome wheels?

    I'm not that into chrome anymore (if you are reading this and are then that's cool - no offense intended), but I've never been a fan of black wheels. At this point in the automotive arena it is just so overused. In our case the matte/semi-gloss finish Ford gave us makes it worse as they sorta...
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    Any Regrets w/7.3

    I feel like some (not all) diesel HD pickup buyers are the same guys who had the obnoxious riced out Civic with a fart pipe back in the day, and now 20 years later and with more purchasing power are sorta kinda back in their groove with 8,000 lb pickups. Really similar demo it seems like, right...
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    Noob question on Tremor tire size increase Fit

    285 is the section width of the tire. Can have a 285 with a 2” sidewall, or a 285 like the stock Tremor tire. The stock Tremor tire is not exactly a 35, but it’s really close. Within a 1/4” or something like that.
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    Towing a 5th wheel trailer

    Tremor is not appreciably higher than the standard 2017-2019 F250/350. Ford lowered the Super Duty starting in MY 2020, and the Tremor more or less just brings the truck back up to what is was as stock in 2017-2019 MY.
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    Sending Truck Back to Dealer? Truck Order Gone Wrong - F350 11400 GVWR Package

    That's neat you're not bothered by this rule. Totally contextual to this thread too right? One started by a guy who might have to go back to square one on a truck order because of a simple paperwork and doorjamb sticker issue. But that's cool everyone, we have a poster here that's good with...
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    Sending Truck Back to Dealer? Truck Order Gone Wrong - F350 11400 GVWR Package

    I'm simply asking what specific problem this unique regulation is solving in your state. You are the lone individual in this thread advocating for the regulation, and seem to indicate that it corrected an ill, so I'm just curious what that was. I'm asking you to show your math is all. I mean...
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    Sending Truck Back to Dealer? Truck Order Gone Wrong - F350 11400 GVWR Package

    Oh so that's the only consideration at hand? Having to stop at weigh stations? I could've sworn there was more context mentioned in this very thread. Again, you mentioned this was "well-intentioned"... so you surely know what the purpose is then of this relatively unique regulation, right...
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    Sending Truck Back to Dealer? Truck Order Gone Wrong - F350 11400 GVWR Package

    Yeah, they're so "effortless" all you need is a flowchart, a question and answer session with a highway patrol officer, and specific instructions relayed to whomever places orders at your chosen dealer. Remind me again what is the net positive is here? What are the specific statistics...
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    Torn between lariat or xlt

    The difference between the base MSRP of an F350 Tremor Lariat and an XLT is $6K, not $10K. And if you consider that there's probably not many folks buying, or dealers ordering, a 100% base XLT the margin is even narrower. When I was considering a lower spec Tremor order the margin between the...
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    Adaptive steering 2021 XLT Tremor

    I think the business model for most dealers on warranty repairs (where its not clear the fix is the R&R of a specific component) is to say "could not duplicate" enough times to make you go away. You could have a dash rattle that sounds like someone poured $100 of pennies into your AC/heat ducts...
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    Lariat headrest

    Everyone across the board, Lariat on up, also lost 10 way power passenger seat, from 2020 MY to 2021 MY. They dropped the adjustment for the passenger seat front up/down, so 8 ways.
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    Why did you get the Super Duty for towing?

    Take a 1/2 ton's claimed towing capacity, divide by half or lop off a third of the number, and you're closer to what they're actually able to do safely. They're very soft trucks, all the way around - suspension, tires, etc.
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    2022 Ford F350 Tremor Anti Matter Blue or Atlas Blue

    Reviews are definitely mixed on the adaptive steering. Speeds up the ratio in low speed stuff, which is obviously nice, but lots of reports that it makes on center steering feel odd at highway speeds - as in more work to keep it going straight down the road. I’m sure there are plenty of buyers...