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    Seat Adjustment Memory - dumb question

    Kind of dumb, but anyone know how to link your preferred seat position to you fob? I had my seat where I wanted it and set it to memory recall 1. Then one day I was waiting for my wife in Target for like an hour and reclined my seat way back and set it to memory recall 2. A prompt said "press...
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    Bed Organizer/Divider

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a bed divider/organizer? Basically looking for something to section off the first 18 inches or so near the tailgate to put groceries and shit, but also would want something that I can easily move to any other section of the bed. I got the ARB portable air...
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    Hitch confusion

    Got a dumb hitch question. when towing a travel trailer everyone seems to say you need a weight distribution hitch. Fine. But then everyone on this forum seems to favor B&W hitches....from what I can see they don't offer a weight distribution system. So my questions: 1) are B&W hitches...
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    First Payment

    Just made my first it's all fun and games until it's time to actually pay for the thing. Good lord this is the biggest car payment I've ever had. Only 59 payments to go until it's mine lol :cool: Time to start squirreling money away to save up a massive down payment on a 5er...
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    Another Wheels and Tires thread

    Hard to search for this as there's so much fragmented wheel/tire info spread around in various threads. I'm not really wanting to do a lift, so I'm wondering if 37s are possible and what rim offset is needed to accommodate. Ideally want at least 12.5 wide without rubbing and without having to...
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    need a new front shock

    So a few weeks back, my truck was in for the auto hubs not locking and that was resolved but they were unable to figure out my front end squeak so I took the truck back as I needed it. Anyway I brought it back in yesterday to readdress the front end squeak as I don't really need the truck this...
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    Kiddos love the truck

    Took a dirt trail up the Santa Monica mountains with the kiddos today. Nothing too crazy but a few steep sections heavily rutted. Truck handled it like a champ. One of these days I'll let them ride in the cab with me 🤣
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    Factory tint

    Anyone know what % the factory tint is on the rear windows?
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    In the shop since tuesday - My dealer sucks

    So as you know from my other thread, my hubs are not auto locking. I also have a squeak in the front end over moderate bumps...most noticeable over speed humps. I was going to just wait til my first oil change to mention the squeak as I'm sure it's just a lube issue somewhere but then I...
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    thank god for the winch

    1 week into ownership and I had to winch out of some mud today. I was really surprised to get stuck in this stuff as I know my rubicon would have laughed at it. I guess an 8000lb truck just behaves differently in muc.... it wasn't deep just super slick and mostly clay. it totally caked my...
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    Remote start issues

    Anyone have issues? Mine works perfectly through the app but i cant get the fobs to work. I've tried like 30 times and got it to start like three times.
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    Ceramic Coating

    Picking up my truck tomorrow and this will be my first "mod" What is the going rate or reasonable price to expect to have this done? Just want to make sure i dont wildly overpay. Im not interested in doing it myself.
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    Want some hard, consolidated data that I can go throw in my dealer's face as I'm feeling like I'm getting the runaround a bit. I ordered on 12/12, but they actually submitted on 12/14 and I still have no VIN. When I email them I get vague answers about how my order "should be picked up in the...
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    Tomorrow's the day

    going to place my order tomorrow. I got my bonus and found out that in addition to it being 10K bigger than last year I am also getting "carry" on our investment funds incentive fees. Basically profit sharing and was told I can expect an additional 25K bonus in a few months when we liquidate...
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    Got the Green Light!

    Wife gave me the green light today to order my truck. My Jeep is paid off and is leaking oil...I don't expect it's anything catastrophic but probably still not cheap. Going to get it fixed and then sell it to Carvana as soon as I can get my title converted from MA to CA to make the sale...
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    JHBLAZE1's build

    I'm not ready to submit my order quite yet but have more or less finalized my build with a dealer. Still just waffling on color a bit. Got some pretty good pricing too. 6K off MSRP, 1K below dealer invoice. Anything missing? Hoping to be ready to tell him to submit the order mid to late...
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    dumb 4wd question

    I've owned a number of 4wd vehicles and all were shift on the fly. I've never owned one that had manually locking hubs. I'm confused over how things work on a truck that has both manually locking hubs and shift on the fly 4wd. 1: Let's say I don't touch the hubs but just shift into 4hi or...
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    FORD to layoff 1000

    Big layoffs at ford. Not sure how or if this would affect orders and timing or if its mostly just redundant office staff. Might be a lot of grumpy guys on the assembly line though if this is hitting manufacturing folks...
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    Let's See Your Mutts

    Seems like a lot of dog lovers on here and who doesn't like the occasional break from truck talk to do some dog talk? I'll start. My beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Franklin had to be put down last December at only 8 years old due to super aggressive lung cancer that was growing into his spine...