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    Best Trailer Hitch - Thoughts?

    Hello, Anyone here have thoughts on the best adjustable trailer hitch? By adjustable I mean up and down due to the height of the truck. I am not a trailer hitch expert for if my terms are off sorry.
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    Got My Window Sticker Today!!

    My status changed a few weeks ago from Scheduled Oct 5th to Nothing. I called my dealer yesterday and he stated it is being built. Then today I noticed on alumizilla that my window sticker is in! Pretty excited, hope it is problem free and arrives soon.
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    Interesting Read I Came Across - Write up on Covid & Kentucky Plant.

    Interesting read I came across, if it has been posted already sorry.
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    Just got one of the last 2020 orders in !!! With factory installed Winch :) 3 days from order to VIN!

    Hello, So I settled on my Configuration Friday. This is how I buy trucks/cars. I called, then sent an email with my configuration to six fleet sales reps/ internet sales reps/ or personalization sales reps ( who ever the particular dealership told me to work with ) with my exact specs. In my...
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    Ditching the Power Wagon, possibly for a new Tremor F350.

    Hello All, I am new to this site, but wanted to register and thank everyone for all the great information here. I was a dedicated dodge/ram guy for a long time. Until I purchased a 2015 power wagon, which turned out to be a lemon or a complete piece of crap. In all fairness when it is not in...