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  1. davidb1841

    First F250

    Congrats and Welcome! I have been here a while, and we have many former RAM and Raptor folks. Enjoy that monster 6.7!
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    To my Brothers and Sisters:

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    Ford Super Duty Purchase Check List (Used & New) ✅

    I used to brag about FORDs quality.......not any more! Lets expand on checking the paint. Before you check the paint closely....check that the whole truck actually got painted! Yes, that's right, Ford shipped Tremor's that were missing paint! Or shipped trucks that were missing the...
  4. davidb1841

    Got another Tremor….

  5. davidb1841

    Sumo Blue Springs in Prep for Full Replacement Bumper

    I had no issue putting on the sumo's front or back....but it was in 2020 on a new truck.
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    Woke up a couple of Saturdays ago to take the dogs for a walk.......Truck barely started......and then all the crazy messages. Batteries are 3.75 years old so I guess I got my monies worth. Put 2 Diehard AGMs in it at Firestone. Boy that was a fast 500 bucks.
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    What’s on your Smoker or Grill today?

    OK I got a new boss turned me on to the ultimate bacon hack: Flour your bacon and fry as usual.................Freaking Awsome!!
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    TWN's GD Imagine 2600RB thread!

    Was stationed just south of Marquette in the 80s......Base is closed now........otherwise I would have retired there....beautiful.....
  9. davidb1841

    22E04 PCM and TCM recall

    I have a Tremor with 3.5 years of smooth shifting, and I had this done last week. My 6.7 gets the same gas mileage but my trans is shifting even better from 0-25MPH.
  10. davidb1841

    Tremor regrets??

    I was wanting the winch for the last 3 that it turns out to be unreliable.....glad I didn't!
  11. davidb1841

    Sumo Blue Springs in Prep for Full Replacement Bumper

    I did this 3 years ago on my 2020....gained 1/2-3/4 in height...rides better-------30 minute install----- 3 years later still loving them........
  12. davidb1841

    Kenda Klever RT or Yokohama Geolander AT-X

    Where are the Kendas made???.....I KNOW Yoko's are a great tire!
  13. davidb1841

    Extended warranty.....worth it?

    Your fuel pump blows on a 6.7....your looking at $10K give or take an additional $5K. I ain't driving the diesel without it!
  14. davidb1841

    Tire replacements

    I to got Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 305/70-18.....50K warranty...super aggressive...quiet!
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    We Pause (Memorial Day)

    Monday in the USA is "Memorial Day".....and as a reminder to ain't a celebration. This is when America remembers those who died defending freedom. Our brothers and sisters who did not come home, who did not get to see there parents ever again, who left their lives unfinished, or who...
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    Hello from Maine

    Stationed in N Maine 78-83. Big Fan, Welcome to the forum!