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  1. abill

    Retrax Pro MX BED RAILS For Sale

    Not saying I wouldn't sell it but I wouldn't think shipping to your location would be a cost efficient option for us
  2. abill

    “Time to rest” dash warning

    If you keep swerving after the yellow message the next one is red and tells you to REST NOW. :LOL:
  3. abill

    2020 CP4 failure - timeline for repair?

    Dynamic Diesel in Nacogdoches TX is doing it. They said they keep the kits in stock and do quite a few. Guy said they did one a few years back and the CP4 failed a few months later (what luck that guy had) anyways.... he said they cut the filter open while doing the repair and saw what all it...
  4. abill

    Ok to drive until the appointment?

    Can you clear them and they go away? I have had a couple things that seem to have been anomalies... I cleared and they never came back.
  5. abill

    2020 CP4 failure - timeline for repair?

    My DPK is being installed today.
  6. abill

    22E04 PCM and TCM recall

    Mine as of this morning also shows a Campaign # 22E04
  7. abill

    22E04 PCM and TCM recall

    same here on my 2020
  8. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    Thanks, after lots of reading I decided to change it back to the factory number, but the lights were still on. It sat overnight and in the morning the lights were gone. 68 is 70 and 72 is 75 so 2-3 mph difference won't bother me anymore after that ordeal, I won't lie, it had me worried.
  9. abill

    35s or 37s?

    I just did almost the same thing but with my 13.5 wide tires I have a pretty decent rub on the back side of the front fenders while turning in/out a driveway with an angle and the suspension compresses. Carli Backcountry level 18x8.5 wheels w/ 0 offset 37x13.5 Falken Wildpeak RT Currently...
  10. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    Yes sir, after searching last night for a bit I quickly regretted trying to change the tire size. It seems to be a tricky thing to do. I changed it back to factory last night and did the resets on PCM and TCM and still have the errors. I went looking for some other things to try and ran across...
  11. abill

    Speedometer Forscan Fix for 37 Inch Tires

    Been reading through a lot of this stuff tonight. I should not have messed with my tire size diameter. I have the wrench on the dash now and cannot get it to go away. Thankfully I did not mess with any axle ratios yet and after reading this I will absolutley not mess with those. I have changed...
  12. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    OK so you were on to something. I did no to load a profile and it all worked. I should have stopped with the tire pressure though cause I messed something up, hopefully you might be able to help me figure out what I need to do to fix it. So i went into the tire circumference and changed it so...
  13. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    I can’t remember what exact interface I am using but it was one of the good Bluetooth recommendations. Mx plus or something? I’ll have to go check it out. It worked about a year ago when I turned off the double honk but now something is the matter. Your comment about loading existing profile...
  14. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    Nope, I went back to v2.3.53 and same error at the same spot.
  15. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    Good idea. I will try that right quick!
  16. abill

    Transmission issues

    Exactly what I have experienced at well! Also, when braking fast for a person down the road in front of you, and then they move and you determine that there is no need to brake and long, and then get back in the peddle it has also acted extremely stupid.
  17. abill

    Airbags and Daystar Cradles

    The shop I used installs Firestone bags with airlift compressors? Not exactly sure why but one could assume. Looked at my bags last night after I got home and the bottom of driver side bag has slid towards the middle of the truck. Called the shop and they said to bring it back when I can and...
  18. abill

    Best steering stabilizer for 37" tires?

    The only reason I was thinking about it was because I already have the ATS installed. It did a great job with 35’s but picking my truck up yesterday with the new 37x13.5 tires you could tell it was in need of more, not terrible but definitely not the improvement that the ats delivered with 35’s...
  19. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    Also, the tpms on the dash is also yes sir, in the body control module file, non “as built” version.
  20. abill

    FORScan for 2020's

    When I am trying to reset my tire pressures I am getting an error. I set the values and then click write and then it starts scrolling through the options No changes in block 1, skipped No changes in block 2, skipped No changes in block 3, skipped No changes in block 4, skipped No changes in...