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  1. Rays22tremor

    WANTED Looking to purchase OEM 2022 Ford Tremor take off parts

    I have chrome front bumper with led fog lights, rear chrome bumper, full set of head light assembly, tremor springs and shocks. Located in Texas. DM me if interested.
  2. Rays22tremor

    WANTED 2021 Ford F-250 Tremor bumpers

    I have front and rear numbers- in silver color. Located in SA. Message me if interested.
  3. Rays22tremor

    adding cab lights '23 f250

    another option is the solar kit from No drilling necessary.
  4. Rays22tremor


    I believe the truck was a Chevy pickup. Lots of speculation with news stations giving various stories on what happened. All I can say is… F around and find out.
  5. Rays22tremor

    WANTED 2021 Ford F-250 Tremor bumpers

    I have front and back bumper in chrome. No damage and located in San Antonio.
  6. Rays22tremor

    Any reviews on Igla?

    A fried. Had it installed on his F250 and ran into that issue. The installer was on the phone for hours working out the details and finally was able to ensure all capable and working properly. The shop is located in DFW area. I will find out more.
  7. Rays22tremor

    FS: 22’ Lariat parts

  8. Rays22tremor

    FS: 22’ Lariat parts

    Both are chrome. I’ll do $500 for both.
  9. Rays22tremor

    FS: 22’ Lariat parts

    For sale, items in San Antonio, Texas. Can meet but items too large to ship. •Full front bumper- no damage. Taken off after 2 months. •Full rear bumper. Does not have back up sensor inserts. No damage, taken off after 2 months. •halogen head lights with bulbs- 1 month old and taken off. No...
  10. Rays22tremor

    Any reviews on Igla?

    I’m currently using Ravelco but can’t use remote start. I’m told that with Igla, you can use remote start. Any one currently using that can offer a review?
  11. Rays22tremor

    Upfitter vs Switch Pro

    I don’t have the uplifter switches. I spoke with Ford and apparently was told that Ford does not sell the part. He said the only way to get it is to find from a wrecked truck or something like that. And it’s a huge ordeal to install because trucks are not pre-wired for uplifter switches. Not...
  12. Rays22tremor


    Here is where I mounted my lights.
  13. Rays22tremor

    HOT! Ford Tremor Forum Giveaway - Ten for Tuesday!

    SIGN ME UP SHIRT SIZE: XL Tremor owner for 11 months. Best decision ever!
  14. Rays22tremor

    WANTED fog light bumper

    I have chrome with led fogs as well. Located in San Antonio Texas.
  15. Rays22tremor

    FOR SALE COA Wireless Cab Lights

    F/S - NEW in box, never used Cab Over America wireless can running lights kit. Paid $398. Selling shipped for $300. anything over $25 shipping you’ll cover. I provide tracking. Venmo/Zelle/PayPal only unless in Austin/SA area, I can meet up. Here is the link for the description to what comes...