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    Hitch Shackle

    I had been using the bow ring shackle, but like the hammerlock. I didn’t want to “lose” them if was parked at a boat landing. Which unfortunately is a possibility around here.
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    Hitch Shackle

    I did a search didn’t find anything although this Solution on YouTube, if it’s already been posted I apologize. None of the safety chain hooks fit.
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    Choosing between Leer and ARE?

    Thank you. I will give that a try.
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    Choosing between Leer and ARE?

    Hi You truck looks great! I was wondering if you could share how you modified the plastic lip. Mine is blocked also. I was thinking I would cut it with a Dremel tool, but thought I would check with somebody who’s done it already.
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    2021 6.7 Tremor - Where's the AUTO REGEN??

    Yes. At least twice, That I’m aware of, First time it started, it was down to about 60%, aI needed to shut it down for an appointment. When I left the appointment, it resumed on the drive home. Not sure if it matters, but I was on the interstate 65-70 mph. It continued to regen to 0%. Similar...
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    2021 6.7 Tremor - Where's the AUTO REGEN??

    Yes, I have watched mine do that a few times.
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    Wiper blades?

    I have been using them on all my Vehicles since 2003, (not the same sets), lol. They are the best wipers I have used. They have lasted for years, on multiple vehicles. I wouldn’t believe it, if I had not been using them.
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    BuiltRight Sale

    Thanks. Just ordered dash mount and phone holder.
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    Tremor Velocity Blue Photo Thread

    Great looking truck!!
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    Tremor Velocity Blue Photo Thread

    Looks white in the pictures. 😀
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    The ram air looks like it would work, If you never go off road. In the south I think it will fill up with mud. JMO
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    Long time lurker….. first time poster

    Welcome. Great story. Kids are awesome. lol
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    Backup Pro “trailer not detected”

    No worries…It was just a thought. I could be wrong, would not be the first time. Hope y’all Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
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    Backup Pro “trailer not detected”

    In post after post after post you say “I’m not going to argue with you”, but then continue to argue, it might be you.
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    Choosing between Leer and ARE?

    Looks great. I like mine, although it upset my 7 year old grandson. He wanted to know why I turned our truck into a van😳
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    Pistol Mount

    Wow! That escalated fast. I understand sentiment. Delivery seems to be coming from a long time firearms instructor lol
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    Bronco Arrived-Good News Bad News

    We picked up the wife’s yesterday. Loving it so far. I think all husbands should order their wives vehicles the husband wants. JK
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    Choosing between Leer and ARE?

    I understand what they are saying. All in this was a little over 5K. It is hard to see in pictures but the side looks a little “rough” for lack of a better word. Inside the finish looks okay. The wiring is not what I would expect from the installer. Wires hanging down and a lot of excess rolled...