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    7.3 owners ever regret not getting the diesel?

    Agreed this this thread has been interesting, my original intent wasn’t to bash anyone’s decision, just honestly wondering if others thought the same way i do. I like my 7.3 but after driving the 6.7 HO I think I may order one up, it’s a night and day difference when towing.
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    7.3 owners ever regret not getting the diesel?

    I ordered the 7.3 in March of 2021, it got pushed to a 2022 model and for the most part it does what I need and have had no issues (40,000 miles so far) but I drove the new diesel HO and my goodness what a motor, it’s heads and tails above the 7.3 for towing and I’m kind of kicking myself for...
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    Tire replacements

    Would like to hear what others have done when replacing the stock tires, mine have 31,000 miles on them, the tread is still ok but they are so loud inside the cab when driving down the road you can’t even have a conversation. I don’t mind the duratracs but open to other options as well.
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    What do you consider Financial Success?

    As a young kid I was sure money brought happiness and contentment, as I made money I slowly realized it did neither. It took me some time to figure it out but I came to the realization that if I could make enough money I could use it to “buy” time, so I worked hard for 10+ years, built a...
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    Full Screen CarPlay is here for Sync4 in my SD!

    Same here, took delivery of my 2022 in October of 2021 and haven’t had a single update
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    New 2023 F250 Lariat Tremor 7.3 owner

    Over 30,000 on my 22 and according to Fuelly my average is 10.3, I’ve tried running in Eco mode, slow acceleration, tow mode etc, nothing seems to make it any better, that being said it doesn’t bother me anymore, I just fill it up every 250 miles or so and keep driving.
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    dull thumping sound

    And my 4th pair of shocks are now starting to clunk, have 28,000 miles on the truck. Time to order the 5100 I guess.
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    Burning rubber smell after driving in cold and snow?

    I actually just noticed this smell last week, ‘22 7.3, have had the truck for since october of ‘21 and never noticed it before. I Just got home from a 3 hour round trip, all Normal highway driving, the last 2 miles down a snow covered dirt road.
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    dull thumping sound

    I replaced mine at roughly 1,000 miles I now have over 20,000 on the replacements with no issues, I’m sure it’s coming at some point however…
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    Collision warning - false alarm?

    Mine went off the other day when I went over a set of train tracks …
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    What do you think of your truck after 1 year??

    This is my truck as well, I have the carpet delete, put a topper on it and other than the transmission lurch when shifting into drive I love it. I probably should bring it in To the dealer to fix but I hate going to the dealer and having to drive my jeep. The topper works so good for hunting...
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    Might be selling 😞

    ☝️☝️ This is exactly right. We have a pool as well, kids use it all summer long til about middle of August then it sits unused by us til we winterize it. But neighbor kids, friends we didn’t know we have etc always come use it which is fine, until they pop all the tubes, throw garbage across...
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    No Regrets: Ford OEM Running Boards

    Works on mine as well. I leave them deployed every time i park in public
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    Battery Powered Law Mower/Chain Saw/Snow Blower

    Have the Milwaukee chain saw, blower, weed whip and love them all. As others have said virtually no maintenance, they always turn on. Get a couple batteries and u can run for a long time.
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    Insurance Q

    Depending on the state you are in and the insurance carrier you have, you may be able to include the add on options by increasing the value of the truck or adding coverage for extras, (probably based on actual cash value of ad-ons) Some of the carriers I represent allow it and some don’t. This...
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    dull thumping sound

    I hope your last. Mines heading back in to replace one of the new ones they put on that starting rattling. Clearly they still have some issues with them.
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    Worst Scenario Imaginable - Uninsured 2022 Truck STOLEN in Houston, TX

    This is correct, having been in the insurance world for the past 15 years 99% of the people I dealt with would be money ahead taking your approach, then there is the 1% that have the catastrophic claim. And don’t get me started on people that try use insurance as a maintenance plan🤦🏼‍♂️
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    Automotive Lift?

    Mine is 6” of concrete
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    dull thumping sound

    It does appear to be the same exact shock, the dealer told me that a bunch of them are known to be defective but they supposedly corrected the issue. If it happens again I will order up an aftermarket setup.
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    dull thumping sound

    Dropped my truck off this morning, got new shocks all the way around and no more rattle.