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    2024 MY Super Duty Order/Schedule/Build Thread

    I also received a great email today!
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    I share your frustration... 6 months of calls to the dealer all the way to the GM and they would not order the necessary parts under warranty and kept giving me lip service. I had to call Ford corporate to get Mac Haik to do work under factory warranty on my F250. Another dealer in Houston...
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    Howdy fromTexas

    I placed an order on a 2024 Tremor out of Granger Motors on 8/29 for a fairly well optioned F250 Lariat powerstroke Tremor. Thanks to this forum, I now have a 4 page long list of mods and upgrades for the truck... I'm *hoping* that it will be ready in Spring of 2024, however these ongoing...