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    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but has anyone ordered from Sky Lumen? The guys name is Vinh and he is well known in the flashlight community. He does mods to these flashlights and improves the throw, beam patterns, solder connections, etc, etc. I have ordered 2 lights from him and they are...
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    Do You Remember Your First Ford?

    1996 Ford Probe GT was my very first vehicle. Did a few mods to her that every 16 year old kid was doing those days…. Borla exhaust, intake, 2 12’s in the trunk, etc. In the years later… 2008 F450 2009 F350 2015 F150 2022 F250
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    Easiest setup for lights to hook up trailer

    Post in thread 'What did you do to your Tremor today?' Some pictures of my install including night shots. These are the same Baja s2 sport model that @OffroadAlliance is running. They are the oerfect amount...
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    FOR SALE 2022 F250 Atlas blue Platinum Procharged 7.3 Tremor for sale

    Good luck with the sale! Sorry to see this truck (and you!) leave the forum. Hopefully the new owner will keep it here and join. Seems like a really good deal for a truck with all these mods.
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    21 LED Light Adjustments
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    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Oh man lions. Could have downed that at the 1/2 yard line for a 75 yard punt. Ouch. Fun game to watch!!
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    exhaust tip

    I am running the autosaver88 from Amazon. 3.5”in, 5” out. The flat black factory finish didn’t hold up, so I have had to repaint it once with high temp paint. I cut off about 3” of the stock exhaust to keep the tip tucked under the truck a little more. AUTOSAVER88 3.5 Inch Inlet Black Exhaust...
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    Best do-it-all factory truck that money can buy IMHO. Welcome to the forum and have fun looking around. Good luck on your decision!
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    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Who I want to win: Lions Ravens (sorry @runline) Who I think will win: 49ers Ravens
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    Front end zerks?

    These have come in handy. Allows you to grease any zerk at a 90 degree angle. Pop the 90 degree coupler off for the zerks that are easily accessed.
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    What differential fluid do use and do you like Mag-Hytec covers

    This is what I’m running with the banks cover. Link you posted just goes to the product selector. I’m assuming this is the stuff you’re asking about?
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    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Agree it’s a ballsy move to try. It’s one of those decisions that makes you a genius if it works or gets you fired the next day if it doesn’t.
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    2024 NFL Playoffs

    3 for 3 so far on these games! Let’s go Bills!
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    2024 NFL Playoffs

    2 point conversions are historically a roughly 50/50 success rate. I’m sure the bucs were thinking go for 2, get it, and then score again and win with an easier extra point. If it fails, they will still have to go for 2 to tie the game. If the first one failed, it’s likely the second would be...