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    My "man cave" at the moment. Life is hectic...🤣
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    Console vault - update

    Maybe some screen spline? If you do decide to upgrade. Not sure of the gap size, but that's the first thing that popped into my mind 👍
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    What are you tinkering with in the garage?

    Pretty sick! Does it hold tension on its own? Like, to install new blades you have to press it inwards? Now you just have to do some personal art along the top and start selling them to people 😉
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    Another full B&O sound system upgrade/replacement build!

    I did something similar with my f150. Little box that spliced into the wires behind my factory radio. Ran that to a small amp and built a center console box with a ten pointing out the back. Just removed the middle seat and custom built the box/console out of particle board and sprayed it with a...
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    Probably more of a "I told them it wasn't recommended, but they didn't anyway. I can't be at fault if they didn't listen." type of thing. I guarantee that my knappheid box with ladders and two pipe holders filled with ground rods all mounted 9'6" in the air, is a lot more tipsy than most of the...
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    Best Spray-in Bedliner ?

    Do you plan on taking the bed off? I saw another guy's truck that they masked the bolts and it looked weird. I prefer it all covered, personally.
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    AT&T Cellular Internet Outage

    As we post in this forum 🤪
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    Full Matte PPF Install

    Now you just need to paint the front bumper with a black strip to line up with the flare end
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    AT&T Cellular Internet Outage

    Damnit, that means I am of a certain age... 🥺
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    Best Spray-in Bedliner ?

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    I broke my shock

    Gahd damn!
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    First impressions XLT 7.3

    A lot smoother than my 2017 GMC 2500HD before I removed it's bed and put the knappheid box and filled it with tools. On the way home from the dealer every bump I hit gave me a little rush. Thought the tremor would have been similar but after a couple of miles it was like driving anything else to me.
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Bro, how you gonna take that pic and not drag out that ride in the garage?!
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    AT&T Cellular Internet Outage

    Funny, att goes out like once every couple-few years. I have never had a T-Mobile outage, unless I am in bumfuck Egypt, and that's just because the towers are few and far between. But, those places that used to have bad service have all gotten service over the last couple years. For me, anyway 😉...
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    AT&T Cellular Internet Outage

    T-Mobile 4 life! 🤪
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    Milwakee M18 18V Cordless Tire Inflator 2848

    Can't imagine how much I could do with my 12ah batteries 😎
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    The Flock of Pheasants just got BIGGER!!!!

    Like he'll ever tow anything with it 🤪
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    Cupholder Rattle

    I wouldn't either but it might narrow down the source of the noise. If it's the fingers, some soft sides of Velcro stuck to them might quiet the noise
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    2022 FUNNY Meme Thread

    I think it's the bottom right one 😉