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    Who else wants an Ineos?

    I actually considered buying one before the Tremor back in '22. I saw one at night here in Fort Lauderdale...looks (in real life) like a G-wagon's lights got placed in a newly designed Defender Classic. They're near-identical on cabin cargo space to our Subaru Ascent, so that basically killed it...
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    New Tires or New Steering Stabilizer?

    I'm in the high-teens right now with my Duratracs. I'd be surprised if they last till 30 at this rate...which is fine with me. I'm running 40 psi all around. For the Rear, the difference from 50 to 40 was dramatic and literally improved ride quality by more than 50% in my perception. On the...
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    Can someone explain the passenger mirror to me?

    Its really just meant for towing...that way you can magnify an area to see around/behind a trailer. Give it time, your brain will readjust to using the smaller mirror below... in traffic situations though the magnifier mirror is helpful.
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    Liquid Springs Smart Suspension Vs Carli Suspension

    @F450_on_44s did you notice it was s/n 4? Assuming they've built 3 others?? :)
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    Wrist Watch Porn

    Obvious daily-driver is the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, followed by the Daytona. The Datejust is a little small for the wrist and don't take out much.
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    The 4D Maglite fits quite well in the storage slot next to the center console...its where I keep mine on the pax side.
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    37x12.5 Mickey Thompson's on 17x8 zero offset wheels completed

    'Was just going to ask about your PSI. How were they at 50? Not that its comparable...but going from 50 to 40 on the Duraturds was like night and day, surprisingly. Hows road noise? Too bad you don't have the Carli arms, I'd be curious to know if any rubbing was happening with those. I seem to...
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    Am I the only one...(post a security camera photo of your truck here)

    Quickly becoming the thread to post your security system photo of your truck? I'm in :D, and yes, I'm running a full UniFi rack system at home, don't judge.
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    Has anyone tried the new Duratrac R/T's?

    If I break 30k on mine, I'll be fucking impressed!
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    NOOOOO week old Tremor SMASHED 😭

    I believe you might be able to get metallurgy testing done to determine the integrity of the frame, not sure. In airport ground operations we have to re-certify aircraft tow bars once they reach a certain age or if they visibly look damaged. Most major cities have at least one business that will...
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    Ballast ideas? Rear ride quality still sucks after full Carli Install

    Hi ya'll - so, I was searching the forums and noticed some people mentioning they run 50-55 in front and 40 in rear when not towing...figured I would give this a try. I took one ride this morning and noticed a drastic improvement in the ride need to do more research on this. I...
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    Whipple Installed!

    @Raspy Gotcha, yea, completely unaware how that all works. So, I guess its "interesting" that fuel economy stays roughly the same, given the added Octane and HP from the super charger. I'm wondering if Garrett ended up making a turbo that's tuned for 87, similar to how the F150's turbo's are...
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    Whipple Installed!

    @GT-SD Hold on here a're using Mid and Premium grade fuel on testing or on the daily fill up? Seems kinda crazy to not use 87...
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    Whipple Installed!

    @GT-SD much apreesh! Thats certainly encouraging that idle and "traffic" conditions even aren't taking a hit, maybe even getting a benefit. I've been in 2-3 hours of traffic before and noticed how the economy really takes a hit; they don't like sitting still for sure. Dumb question as I'm not...
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    Dual Stabilizers Up Front

    Owning the Carli system with a high/low dual stab, I couldn't have been more surprised when I first saw these dual stab kits like linked above and earlier from BDS, where they are all on the same level. Multiple ways to skin a cat...but really makes me wonder. When you compare the travel the...
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    Extreme cold, interesting

    @Bullpine you wouldn't happen to be in Missoula area would you? My guys working at the FBO out there were reporting some crazy temps yesterday, going into the weekend.
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    Whipple Installed!

    So, I read the post above about the MPG...and its "sounding" like you're getting the same MPG after the install as you were before? I was really curious to know what the end product netted you.
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    Customer Satisfaction Program 22L03

    @Raspy I don't think they're mutually exclusive. While I haven't received mine yet, I would surmise that it is the result of someone else's action against Ford...which I can only wonder how that whole conversation got started over such de minimis numbers.
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    Customer Satisfaction Program 22L03

    I found this drop in my morning Google Feed - not that I would have changed my decision on motor selection, but interesting nonetheless. Figured we can use this thread as a tracker for if anyone gets some cash coming in...
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    Off-road air pressure

    Just curious what speeds ya'll are cruising at with these tire pressures. I'm planning on hitting up some unimproved dirt roads with lots of washboards and craters in the Everglades in the next week or two. Plan was to try and bomb them at 30-40 mph, put tires at 40 psi; running the E Venture in...