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  1. ACreeker

    Can someone explain the passenger mirror to me?

    I’m in the same boat as OP as my previous vehicle did not have the magnified mirror. About shit myself driving home from the dealer, coming back to the right lane after passing and thought I was going to pit myself. After a month I’ve gotten used to it. Would like if the bottom mirrors were a...
  2. ACreeker

    Question on factory options before placing order

    Just double check with the sales rep. If doing the Ultimate and Tremor packages, the fixed running boards will take precedent. The sales rep needs to go back in and select the deployable boards afterwards. They do go a bit lower so sounds like it would be your preference here. I took the...
  3. ACreeker

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    How was your oil? A bit flakey or pretty clear? At 1,400 on mine and keep going back and forth.
  4. ACreeker

    📷 TOTM Vote Now! February 2024 Tremor of the Month!

    Is @Gumby ‘s house one big garage? Probably has a Ranger he drives in that front door between the garages. Just beautiful! 😍
  5. ACreeker

    Winch for 23-24 now listed at Ford Performance

    Apparently nobody wants to buy it at that price so they had to use a MY22 for the stock photo
  6. ACreeker

    Am I the only one...(post a security camera photo of your truck here)

    Have had mine for a week. Check on it all the time. I just sat in it looking at it a few times in between washing and detailing it lol. Love it
  7. ACreeker

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Took it home today! 😃
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  9. ACreeker

    Owners Manuel sucks balls’

    Should of came with the truck but you can have a good paper copy here for $35...
  10. ACreeker

    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Need the Chiefs to lose. I need to stop hearing about Taylor Swift 🙄
  11. ACreeker

    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Thought Love did fine. Young team and they over achieved. Carlson had one job however. Completely different game if he made that kick. They're going to be dangerous next year.
  12. ACreeker

    Those who bought from Granger

    to give a little more detail, I'm picking up next week. So I booked a flight over a month out which probably saved me some money. Closer dates went up in price. Just buy a plane ticket that you can change dates and you'll be fine. Maybe not basic economy.
  13. ACreeker

    Those who bought from Granger

    That 4-6 weeks is a ton of cushion I feel. Mine shipped 12/15 and arrived at Granger on 12/30. Christmas in there and all. Granger does have a 30 day window before charging lot fees so I'd keep track and if in transit, check to see if it's done on the train (your Granger contact will know) and...
  14. ACreeker

    I got it in a blizzard

    Ah gotcha. I’ll keep that in my pocket should weather suck when I go up. I bet 63 would have been the same if you came back that way.
  15. ACreeker

    I got it in a blizzard

    that looks like it backtracks a little. We were thinking going a little further than 63 and taking 61 down at Mt Pleasant which should take us right in to St Louis. Not highway but a bit more direct. Was 63 a lot of stop lights?
  16. ACreeker

    I got it in a blizzard

    Man you could have flown in with some rope and recovered people on the way back day 1 with it lol. I’ll be going through St Louis and then through the Smokey Mountains so I got some decent terrain to cover. Should be fun!
  17. ACreeker

    I got it in a blizzard

    That’s awesome. I’m grabbing mine on the 26th from there so REALLY hoping the weather breaks a bit up there lol. You got a good story now from bringing it home.
  18. ACreeker

    2024 MY Super Duty Order/Schedule/Build Thread

    I bet if you got a small dealer with an allocation yet, if you place it, it’d get scheduled in a week or two. Look up the Long McArthur videos on YT to see when they’re scheduling for so you can gauge when to place the order.