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    Suspension Upgrade - Carli verse the Competition

    I went with the full lead pack. Fox shocks, the retailer recommended add a pack valving for my 2022 f350. Seems odd after reading your posts
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    Suspension Upgrade - Carli verse the Competition

    I plan to install the full Carli spring pack on my F350, prior to this thread I was looking at the rubber spring knee action shackles. Would these work with the Carli spring packs and matching shocks? I had the Carli leveling kit on my 2020, the ride was noticeably improved!! My wife even...
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    Tremor leveling kit

    I have a 2020 F250 Tremor 6.7L with High Capacity Trler Tow Pckg $2730 option. The front was quite a bit lower in the front, I went with Carli leveling springs for diesel. In the front the tire to fender measurement went from 8" to 10.125" Just over 2" higher. The front sits about 0.50" lower...
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    Tremor Wheel & offset

    I had 20x10 Hostile wheels with -19 offset on a 2017 with a 2.5" ReadyLift Kit installed. . They stuck out, 35's fit fine but when I tried to go with 37's the outer edges were hitting the wheel well and front bumper when turning. I had plenty of room on the inside, if I would have had a...
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    FORD ATV ramps

    The ramps store above the wheel well, the top edges of the stores ramp is like an inch below the bed rail. Worst case is you won’t be able to store them in the rack. No big deal.
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    What % tint did you go with?

    I'm in CA, I did 70% windshield, 50% front doors, 20% rear on my Tremor. I like it and hope I don't have issues with LE for the front. My last truck was 70/70/35 and no issues. Most people never even noticed the front and windshield were tinted. You could still see silhouettes in the rear of my...
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    FORD ATV ramps

    The ramps will work fine. You probably won't be able to use the ramp storage brackets that clip into the 4 acc points in the bed.
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    FORD ATV ramps

    If I could swing the rear sideways I could close the gate, same as my 450. I have the bed extender though, it works great. I have a few small mods planned for the 1290, just have too many toys and too may projects. Those pics were from 2018 with my old truck.
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    New Member, CA Central Valley

    I traded my 2017 for a 2020 Tremor. I couldn’t be happier. 2020 has a lot of little refinements over the 2017. I’m loving the Tremor, off-road feels 10x better. The 10spd is a beast in deep sand!!
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    FORD ATV ramps

    I have a set and love them. High quality as you’d expect from the dealer. Very secure. I can load my KTM 1290 by myself. Not easy or recommended but I do it. I took them off my 2017 and put them on my 2020 Tremor. FYI- 1/2 and SuperDuty are different kits, plate for tailgate has different bolt...
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    Black Rhino Axle wheels

    I am wondering how the white ones would look on a white truck. I saw some BR the other, looked up their website after the sighting.