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    Tremor 7.3 MPG?

    My average is 10 mpg. Fortunately I didn't buy it for the milage
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    7.3 L gas misfire on 1,3 and 8

    Do the newer 7.3 plug wires come in a set? Would anyone happen to have the part #'s
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    Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount

    I just looked it up, it looks pretty nice. I just have to look into the quality of the winch.
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    Battery acid leak

    I had my battery and braket replaced a few months after taking delivery. I just checked it again and it seem pretty bad again. Is there any solution without having to replace the batteries for a different brand?
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    Welcome, you're going to find a bunch of great people here (and a few haters, but that's the way the world rolls) You already started with a great looking truck. I was also going to order a 2019 with a 6.2 but the order banks closed. Like youbsaid abiut thwe 6.2 , it's a well proven engine...
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    Free Viair Mounting Brackets

    Interested, how much for shipping to Southern California
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    Bumper cover

    Thanks for the link, it was exactly what i was looking for. I got the parts orders.
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    Bumper cover

    Good morning, a while back I read a post about a cover made for the reqr corners of the front bumpers. I've tried to search this sight as well as the web amd can't seem to find anything. Here's a picture of where they would attach. I hope some bought them or has the post saved because I've...
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    Adding Upfitter Switches for $0...

    Clean looking job. I had ordered my 2020 with the switches hut haven't wired anything to them. Here's a stupid question. What is considered the ON Position?
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    Questions about chrome trim pieces

    My 2020 xlt tremor came in black
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    Door adjustment?

    I had the same issue. There was a step between the front and rear door. I had them adjust it. They had given me a story about how there is only so much play in it to adjust blah blah blah. In the end it came out flush.
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    Anyone in the Houston/Galveston area Forscan savvy????

    Not just in the TX area, I'd like some help In SoCal too. There are a few things I'd like done but to worried that I'd mess something uo
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    Factory tremor suspension

    C Are you able to send me a picture of what' would be included
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    Factory tremor suspension

    How much for just the fog lights,
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    We're practically neighbors. I live right down the hill.
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    1st dimple

    I haven't a clue. It sucks but life happens. Once werw home I'll see if maybe it can be rolled out from the inside
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    1st dimple

    We're out camping this weekend. And u took a walk around the truck before heading in a hike and found mt 1st dimple right on the hood. 2020 at only 12k miles. I guess I'll be looking for a wind deflector.
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