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    My rant for the day - Ford is ridiculous

    Go for option A. Ford Accessories is a joke. If you get a wrong or bad part, it’s your problem, not theirs. It’s unbelievable how they operate. I ordered a bed mat and it was horrible. Full of carpet fibers and bad spots. Obviously a defective mat. I got it on the Black Friday sale also. I...
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    Another Strike possible next week

    Ford has lost so much money on electric vehicles it’s unbelievable. It sucks they have been cutting cost on some things but I get it. Any business would be forced to cut cost after loosing that kind of money.
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    2024 MY Super Duty Order/Schedule/Build Thread

    Odd. It has the black fender badges as well.
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    How much for Tremor ceramic coating?

    I just paid $1300 to have mine done. Feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2. Paint correction, Iron decontamination, clay bar, the whole works. It’s quite the process just to get to the actual step of applying the coating. They had quite a bit of time into it. He usually charges about $400 more but he was...
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    Glacier Grey Ceramic Coated

    Fresh from the detailer. 3-5 year ceramic coating using Feynlab Ultra V2. Husband and wife team that does awesome work. It was crazy all the brake/rail dust they removed. They had over 20 hours into it, it’s quite the process. Too tedious of a task for me.
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    DEAL Ford Super Duty Extended Warranty at $50 Over Dealer Cost

    Something fishy’s going on. I just checked and the price has gone up 50$. Not down 50$. I screenshotted the plan I wanted on December 21st. Price was 3105 now showing 3155. I plan on buying it early next fall.
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    Full View Not Available

    I agree that it’s dumb that it only disappears when in reverse but that’s the way ford engineered it. (Thanks Ford). It is a backup camera and all manufacturers are required to put in backup cameras now. While we see it as a “cool” feature that would be nice to see at all times, Ford sees it as...
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    Full View Not Available

    Shift it into reverse. Full view isn’t available unless it’s in reverse.
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    Pretty Impressed

    To each their own, I like my chrome front end on my Lariat. I love the new design. Contrary to what everyone believes, Ford did not steal the bedside steps from Chevy. Ford has had bed side steps for a long time on pickups, but then went away from them for a while. My 93 Ford Ranger has...
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    Best Dealers for Purchasing

    I wonder what kind of interest rates people are getting through Granger. Yes they are getting a good price for the truck, but are they getting hosed on interest rates? I know interest is high and no one wants to say what they got for a rate but most dealers are in the 7% range with great credit...
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    Pro Trailer Backup Assist - experience using the sensor on a Travel Trailer

    I have a 24 model year. It came with the PTBA and fifth wheel prep and the setup for trailer TPMS. Also came with a yaw sensor. I have a conventional camper. The TPMS kit comes with a 7/12 plug to replace the 7/4 plug in the bumper. The harness has a 12 pin and the yaw connector on one end...
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    Mirror fell off

    I noticed it wobbling and was watching it and realized it was kinda crooked, then i watched it fall off. All within a few seconds.
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    Mirror fell off

    It’s like a sticky pad
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    Mirror fell off

    My lower convex mirror randomly fell off. Has this happened to anyone?
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    exhaust tip

    Ok. I only ask because I clicked on the Amazon link and in the pictures they claim a noticeable “rumble” which I assumed was a false claim.
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    exhaust tip

    How do you like it? Do you notice a difference in the sound of the exhaust at all?
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    New trailer camera for 23/24?

    I haven’t installed it on the camper yet. I will this spring. I don’t think it’s adjustable but the camera is at a preset angle and it’s a pretty wide lens. The side views are from the camera mirrors.
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    New trailer camera for 23/24?

    It’s just the back end of a four wheeler
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    New trailer camera for 23/24?

    Well it showed up today. The camera came with a harness plus a little jumper harness/pigtail. Attached harness to camera and pigtail and it plugged right in to the main yaw/tpms/camera harness. The images weren’t bad.