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  1. Kyleh9

    Your best Tremor pictures

    We have one.
  2. IMG_5907.jpeg


  3. Kyleh9

    Your best Tremor pictures

    Ate those Border Terrier’s?
  4. Kyleh9

    2022 FUNNY Meme Thread

    Yep. I’m not far from it, in Pelzer.
  5. Kyleh9

    2022 f250 tremor lariat.

    7.3 or 6.7?
  6. Kyleh9


    Go ahead and place that order. Then post it up in the order thread. Good luck!
  7. Kyleh9

    Sin City Super Bowl: Chiefs vs. 49's

    Go CHIEFS!!!!
  8. Kyleh9

    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Woooo!!!!! Go Chiefs!!!!!! Great game. I thought the fumble for a touchback was going to come back to haunt them though. I didn’t want them to go to OT against Josh Allen’s legs.
  9. Kyleh9

    LED Headlight housings - warranty claim

    Yeah I just picked mine up on the 5th of January. Mine had a scratch about an inch long on the chrome inside the headlight (behind the lense). They are replacing it but said they were on back order. It is a ‘24 model.
  10. Kyleh9

    Colors you wish you had ordered instead

    I have the bronze. Almost looks green. To me in the sun, it is a dark brownish/green. In clouds, almost looks dark grey/black. I love it. I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow.
  11. Kyleh9

    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Why the hate for my Chiefs!!!!! 😂
  12. Kyleh9

    New 2024 Tremor Owner

    Thank you for your service to this great nation! Post some pics of that beast!
  13. Kyleh9

    24MY Platinum Tremor 6.7HO

    Nice ride!
  14. Kyleh9

    For those trading from MY22 or MY23 into a 24

    I got roughly $5k -$6k off sticker on both. I used X-plan.
  15. Kyleh9

    For those trading from MY22 or MY23 into a 24

    That is correct. So I basically drove the 23 for a year for $1k. Can’t beat that.
  16. Kyleh9

    2024 NFL Playoffs

    Go Chiefs!!! Was going to the game until I saw the -11 temp and -31 feel like temp. My brother in law is from Miami and is a dolphins fan. He still went.
  17. Kyleh9

    For those trading from MY22 or MY23 into a 24

    I traded my 23 XLT for my 24 Lariat Ultimate. The sticker price was around 10k difference. I traded for 11k difference. Both are 6.7 HO which matters. The Diesel has a better resale I do believe.
  18. Kyleh9

    New F250 Tremor Owner

    glad to have you. Post some pics of that ride
  19. Kyleh9

    New Tremor Owner

    Pretty truck! You will enjoy it and this forum.
  20. Kyleh9

    2024 MY Super Duty Order/Schedule/Build Thread

    I didn’t get the BAP or SAP, just the normal chrome on my Lariat Ultimate with the Darkened Bronze and I love it.