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    Bring a shotgun to Hidden Falls. Their sporting clay course (Copperhead Creek Gun Range) is best in the State! And I may show, but it will be very last minute
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    She is on the mend.

    What city was it stolen? I assume Mesquite? Being in Texas myself, I’d like to know. Thanks.
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    Clock spring issue?

    Happened to my 2000 and it was the horn contact pad in steering wheel.
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    Gig ‘Em. Class of ‘83, although I have a degree from UT as well. Copperhead Creek, the gun club in center of Hidden Falls is awesome. I would suggest a friendly competition on their sporting clay range, which is at the top of a ridge with 100 mile views of the hill country. Please, wait until it...
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    FYI the accomplice was shot too. Big news here in Texas
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    GT500 Insight

    I’ve driven a HE. Amazing. Some of the fastest track cars at SAAC 48 in Pittsburgh were GT500s
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    Good Grief!

    37 this morning in Big Sky Montana. But heading back to Texas Sunday 😏
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    How to maintain the 2022 King Ranch leather?

    I bought leather conditioner from the King Ranch catalog. Used it a couple times, basically every 6 months. Texas heat takes its toll.
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    TREMOR LED Cup Holder Inserts

    I have 4 LED Tremor cup holder inserts from F150 LEDs. I don't drive at night so I am not using them. $30 for 2 shipped. These are normally $59 for two. [email protected]. Thanks.
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    Windshield Sunshade Made for your windshield
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    Trailer Disconnected...Trailer Connected warning but no trailer

    There is a recall for failing trailer brake activation. Not sure if same issue. It’s a software update.
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    Agate Black 2023 F250 Tremor BAP 6.7HO

    Northside honors XPlan. My ‘22 was XPlan with no add ons , and a buddy just ordered one last month on XPlan.
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    What are you paying at the pump

    No way that Circle K sign is correct.
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    Tailgate Deadman (to prevent opening)

    Great idea. Mine opens when I have my small enclosed trailer hooked up for some reason. Would love this.
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    Welp, that sucks..

    Try Epp’s on 71 west of Austin. Call Hill Country Off-road and see who Mike recommends.
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    Let's see those registration fees!

    I think I’ll stay in Texas
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    Truck in dealer for cp4

    I had a friend with a CP4 failure. A friendly Ford tech claimed water in fuel and insurance covered the approximate $15k
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    Personal Cash Offer (PCO)

    Count me in. Received 14 months after picking up my 22.
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    Rear leaf spring clunk

    Make sure the Hellwig sway bar bushings are well lubricated with silicone grease. Mine doesn’t make a noise….yet. 5k miles on it.