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    My new commuter

    On toyotas the electric motor is in the transmission on the front of the vehicle. Knowing automotive enginners some sensor is in there that would prevent it from bypassing it because why have 2. Could it operate just the rear drive train with the battery? My guess is not from the factory.
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    My new commuter

    I drive mine to fit in the garage at work! Mach-e Vs tesla for me made sense a year ago when the Y was priced higher. The Mach-E is the better at "car" the tesla is the better electric
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    My new commuter

    Welcome to the club! I am also a Tremor + Mach-e owner since Jan 23.
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    Who else with 7.3 is only getting 7 to 8 MPG (not towing)?

    I got close to 15 on a cross Canada trip where i was doing 65 for hours on end. One thing i did notice is that below 65 the truck will down shift empty on uphills when using CC. I usually get 13 ish at ~75 it drops fast from there, but the truck doesn't down shift on hills when empty I average...
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    Anyone have experience with this or a rec for a 0 gauge jumper cable?

    Just watch the video when you can the Audew is impressive. I like shopping local but we just don't make the right batteries here in the US for the price so you have to go where the they make them to get the good stuff.
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    Anyone have experience with this or a rec for a 0 gauge jumper cable?

    NOCO are over priced jsut get an Audew, tested on project farm
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    OBA System ARB vs VIAIR??

    I installed on my passenger frame rail. The tank hangs down just a bit.
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    Crawler Hauler/GN Towing

    With a 350 you should be fine, would probably recommend bags too. looks like a lot of fun!
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    Transfer Flow 58 gallon replacement tanks are finally being sold and installed!!!!

    For off road metal is good and bad depending on what your doing. Sharp objects can puncture metal where plastic will deflect. rough objects and slides will abrade through plastic faster. most people don't rock crawl a super duty so i can see metal being better.
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    Tremor - which knife is best?

    If you like Kershaw check out Zero Tolerance. Great American made knives also designed by Ken onion.
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    Rear seat USB cable management

    along the same lines use these hook them on the seat pocket and attach to the last 3 inches of the cord. When not in use it will pull them tight.
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    Will a diesel make me happy?

    @soop only if Diesel is the name of your next boy friend. :p I know you gotta get that power stroke
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    Best option door sill option

    I can take a picture later today on my truck to show you where i cut mine off. That cab corner that it covers is also plastic, i didn't realize it till i put these guards on. It doesn't make much sense to cover plastic with plastic.
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    Heated steering wheel issue?

    if i remote start in cold weather both the seat and the wheel will auto turn on when i get in the truck. The wheel gets too hot for my hands so i turn that off on the screen button after about 3 minutes.
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    Annoying in cab lighting issue.

    yea this has puzzled me a couple of times. it seems they don't respond to on-off toggles when the doors are opening and closing. You can use the kill all button until you have time to deal with it later.
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    Best option door sill option cut the end cap off it fucks up the rear door gap.
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    First Time ordering a New Truck.

    X-plan is a part of other memberships check out mustang club of America its a 25 dollar membership.
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    Open tailgate alert

    my backup sensors see the tailgate so a quick reverse will beep. You can also see the tailgate in the rear rview if you have a low profile tonneau because its so wide and has a little flare to it.
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    Ford Pass Points Usage

    got 2 oil change services free so far
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    New From Camp Lejeune Area

    it is very odd that they would have the black appearance rims but it has the red tremor suspension boots.