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  1. SteveG_TX

    FOR SALE Used BP 3" Heavy Duty 10" Drop Hitch w Step in Austin TX ($400)

    Hi all - Selling this Bulletproof Heavy Duty 10" drop with 3" receiver, dual ball mount and step included. The kit goes for about $640 + tax at bulletproof, listed here for $400 all in excluding any shipping costs. I actually bought this from a previous classifieds post, but discovered that...
  2. SteveG_TX

    FOR SALE NEW-ish Factory 2023 F250 Tremor Running Boards in Austin, TX ($800)

    Hi all - i replaced my factory fixed step running boards with some AMP Extreme boards at about 250 miles and the originals have been sitting waiting to find the right buyer since then. If you're in the market for these boards reach out cause I'd like to get rid of them. Brand new condition, no...
  3. SteveG_TX

    Ford Customer-placed Trailer Camera + TPMS kit for 2023?

    There was nothing in the process that seemed hacky or in any way incompatible with MY23. All the harness plugs, 7/12 plug, onboard software and tpms sensors all just worked as expected. So - shrug ? 🤷‍♂️ it seems like it ought to be listed as MY23 (and assume MY24 but I haven’t got one to...
  4. SteveG_TX

    Ford Customer-placed Trailer Camera + TPMS kit for 2023?

    Hi - ok finally got this finished up over the holidays and the end result is pretty great. Camera, Trailer TPMS & yaw sensor all connected via the single plug in the bumper. A few comments on each: * camera routing the cable was by far the most tedious and complicated part. But this was...
  5. SteveG_TX

    Platinum Taillights on Lariat

    Bought! Thanks @Nick@ApolloOptics
  6. SteveG_TX

    SOLD BP 10' drop hitch W/step, Sinister Coolant System, BMP CAT Upper Fuel Filter kit , H&S Lower fuel filter upgrade kit.

    Hey @DESKPOP - Is the BP hitch still for sale ? I’m in austin but will be in the DFW area in a few weeks.
  7. SteveG_TX

    Ford Customer-placed Trailer Camera + TPMS kit for 2023?

    Partial update but really the part that’s relevant for this audience: installed the kit and it was very easy. Snap-in replacement for the 7/4 pin wiring harness plug in the bumper. Tested the camera and it works immediately and easily. Very helpful instructions that were basically unnecessary...
  8. SteveG_TX

    23 F350 Platinum Power Steps??

    I am sure this is not something you're considering but if it was irritating enough to swap hardware, the AMP research boards function like you want (only the step on the side with the open door extends). I like them a lot.
  9. SteveG_TX

    New member alert

  10. SteveG_TX

    Ford Customer-placed Trailer Camera + TPMS kit for 2023?

    Excellent, thank you @Joeram44 - I ordered my kit today (the -A one) and will update back here in a few weeks when I get it set up & share my experience.
  11. SteveG_TX

    Ford Customer-placed Trailer Camera + TPMS kit for 2023?

    Hi all - I'm trying to order the customer-placed "GENUINE FORD TRAILER-MOUNTED TRAILER CAMERA + TPMS" kit for my 2023 F250 tremor. Can anyone confirm that the 2022 kit will continue to work with 2023? Most of the parts sites I've found say it's not compatible (example) - but I found one thread...
  12. SteveG_TX

    Hello from Austin TX

    Yes please ! Is there a local group thread somewhere to keep up with details on this ?
  13. SteveG_TX

    Hello from Austin TX

    haha whoops. i blame the metric system. or my terrible typing. Updated!
  14. SteveG_TX

    Hello from Austin TX

    Hi - long time reader, finally registered so I could contribute back to the discussions. 2023 F250 Tremor Lariat Ultimate 6.7L Turbodiesel, black appearance package. Mods so far: * Retrax Pro XR tonneau cover * AMP Extreme powered steps (replaced factory Tremor step bars) * Ronin Flexible...
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