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  1. Bill

    The Navy Seal Foundation/Frogman Swim - Charity Fundraiser

    On Sunday, January 17th, I’ll be participating in a 5k (3.1 mile) swim across Tampa Bay as part of a fundraising effort for The Navy Seal Foundation. I’ve seen a lot of support for the military here and thought this charity might be of interest to some of you. “The Navy Seal Foundation...
  2. Bill

    BuiltRight Bedside Racks + Ford Factory Drop In Bedliner - Does it Fit?

    I really like the idea of the BuiltRight racks and I have the factory drop in bedliner (that I prefer over a spray in). The BuiltRight site has the normal boilerplate-style disclaimer about their inability to guarantee the fit because of variances in drop in liners, which I get. So I was just...
  3. Bill

    Florida Tremors

    Anyone around here? I know I’ve seen a Black one and a Blue one around town, and I know Brandon Ford has more than a few on the lot. I live down in Parrish (Manatee County) but grew up and work in Tampa, so I’m back and forth a lot and over the Skyway 5 times a week.
  4. Bill

    B&W Hitch - Tow & Stow TS30049B

    Since we’re posting about our hitches I didn’t want to feel left out or not show off, what I feel like, is a great product. I needed to get new hitches with increased drops so I figured I’d make use of the Tremor’s 3” receiver tube. And since I have managed to collect trailers with all 3 ball...
  5. Bill

    Tremor around Tampa, FL

    Just traded my 2015 F-250 for a 250 Tremor last weekend and have been really pleased so far. Found this place while doing a few searches so went ahead and signed up. I live in Parrish (Manatee County) but work in the Tampa area so I put a few miles on my trucks. Hoping to see some other...