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  1. MarcelM

    I pushed my Tremor to its limit

    Well done on the video. I enjoyed the story and the drone footage was 🤌.
  2. MarcelM

    I pushed my Tremor to its limit

    #2 (y)
  3. MarcelM

    Wiper Arm Loose Recall

    Found a woodruff key just laying next to the wiper arm while drying the truck after giving it a wash. 🙄 I put a drop of crazy glue on each to hopefully keep them in place.
  4. MarcelM

    Center Console Covers?

    Same! Lol
  5. MarcelM

    Center Console Covers?

    This is what I have and love it. Looks and feels great. PIMCAR Center Console Cover...
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  7. MarcelM

    Pro Trailer Backup Assist - experience using the sensor on a Travel Trailer

    That is correct but you need to connect it to the 5th wheel connection in the bed (probably the only place it connects). I don’t have anything to compare it to but it allows me to control it which is helpful especially when wanting to go straight back.
  8. MarcelM

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Had a break in the atmospheric river so I installed the OEM hood/bug deflector I bought using FordPass points. Second deflector installed after the POS eBay look-a-like broke driving to SoCal during the Jan bomb cyclone. Much better fit and finish.
  9. MarcelM

    Tremor mud flaps

    OEM. They don’t help much in preventing rocks from hitting my travel trailer though.
  10. MarcelM

    Tremors and Campers let's talk camping!!

    Stayed in Coloma Resort here in gold country over the Presidents Day weekend. Rich history, right next to the south fork of the American River and the weather was just right. Saw 3 other SD Tremors (white, CG and AB 😎). Yes you need to cross that bridge to get to the resort and it has size...
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  14. MarcelM

    FYI 2022 Updated Production Schedule

    I paid for front and rear wheel liners. The front liner is plastic and looks like it covers a fabric liner.
  15. MarcelM

    F250/350 Pro Trailer Backup Assist

    I've never gotten it to work with the sticker. It states ready or available but when I go use it ... not available. I'll try setting it up again when I'm in an area with plenty of room. In the meantime it will work using the 5th wheel yaw sensor and cable. It take a minute to get out of the...
  16. MarcelM

    Comprehensive MPG thread.

    My mileage for a 7.3 has been a little disappointing. I was hoping for 14 to 15 mpg highway in good conditions but I got 12.6 mpg based on my 450 mile trip from Disneyland to NorCal. Average speed on that leg was 70 - 75 mph. It was 11.6 mpg on the trip to Disneyland but the weather was...
  17. MarcelM

    BAK Revolver X4s circumference

    The distance from the back of cab to the edge when comfortably rolled up is around 12” (not strapped) to 14” (strapped for travel). I didn’t have time to measure the circumference if that is what you really needed.
  18. MarcelM

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    That’s it. Model #CMST16005 👍🏼 Edit: FYI I have to unlock the bin otherwise an tab interferes and the one on the end doesn’t sit very flush.
  19. MarcelM

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Last couple of weeks I installed the BuiltRight rear seat release, Ford OEM mudflap and today the BuiltRight dash mount and cleaned up the under seat storage.