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  1. Pompey

    Ford F1

    I lost interest in F1 when they switched away from the V8 and away from FTA TV. The sound of those V8 engines at 18,000 RPM is just fantastic and now they sound like a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine.
  2. Pompey

    Triggering Driving Light/Light Bar Relay Off LED High Beam

    I am in Australia. We don’t have snow ploughs. Well, maybe dedicated snow ploughs owned by the government agencies but I’ve never seen one. So there are no snow plough kits or anyone who’d know about them. Why would there be. When I did this, I asked here and no one knew of this pigtail. There...
  3. Pompey

    Triggering Driving Light/Light Bar Relay Off LED High Beam

    That’s true, but to do automotive wiring correctly you should never solder wires together period. I did it the way I did by not cutting any wires, just insulation. The correct way would be to use something like a Deutsche connector. When I wired up an aftermarket ECU, I used those connectors...
  4. Pompey

    RHD Conversion

    Perhaps the most critical aspect of the conversion is the steering. Getting the geometry right to retain the steering characteristics is to me a make or break deal. Not having a LHD vehicle to compare to certainly doesn’t help. So I’d be interested in hearing of how close to LHD the conversion...
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  9. Pompey

    2022 Ford Super Duty Service Manual

    I hope the Ford factory manuals are better than Subaru factory manuals. I borrowed a Subaru factory manual from a mate who was head mechanic at a Subaru dealership to do electrical work. Not only was it missing important information, it had wrong information so I found myself looking for a wire...
  10. Pompey

    Old vs. New F-Series

    I think it shows what many are saying. These things aren’t being used for the same thing, or are used to do more things. Critics of these trucks often cite the owners are suffering small dick syndrome. I have no doubt some are. Yet it seems more people are combing these trucks as work truck and...
  11. Pompey

    Headlight Wiring

    Here is the link
  12. Pompey

    Let's talk refrigerators (non-console)

    The cranking batteries aren’t suitable for running fridges except when the engine is running. (Or for short periods when the engine isn’t running.) Trying to secure the fridge is a challenge and while you can drill holes in the floor to help do this you may not want to. I didn’t want to do that...
  13. Pompey

    Headlight Wiring

    I have posted about this In a thread about wiring up driving lights to trigger off the high beam. I can’t look it up now, suggest you search for it. It was about a year ago.
  14. Pompey

    Headlight Wiring

    Which pin do you want to know?
  15. Pompey

    F350 Engine Failure After Having a Drink

    Yes, although I already have a Starlink and my dish isn’t suitable for that application. However, that’s ok as I can easily set it up as a portable unit once I arrive at a destination
  16. Pompey

    F350 Engine Failure After Having a Drink

    Indeed. Last time I went outback I took both a PLB and sat phone. Technology moves on though, and these days I’ll be taking a PLB and Starlink.
  17. Pompey

    F350 Engine Failure After Having a Drink

    thanks, I should have mentioned that. A fair but if waffle, I skimmed through a fair bit of it.
  18. Pompey

    F350 Engine Failure After Having a Drink

    This didn’t end well. The first rule of offroading is stay away from flooded roads and tracks. Last week I saw a B Double in North Queensland which looked like it had been swept of the road. In this video, the road base had obviously been washed away and once the trucks weight was on in it just...
  19. Pompey

    Engine Tune

    My truck hasn’t been tuned. This was the graph he posted elsewhere and I thought I’d share it. He didn’t go into much detail-all he said was the truck had been tuned.
  20. Pompey

    Engine Tune

    One of the local tuners has developed a tune for the 6.7. This tune was done on a hub dyno. It’s nice to know there are some local shops working on these engines. 475 hp at the crank to 717 hp at the hubs, and 1,420Nm to 1,850 is pretty serious stuff. He reckoned he kept the tune conservative to...