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  1. davidevan970

    LED headlights snow covered

    so no chance of you taking them all back from Colorado then?
  2. davidevan970

    1200FT LBS ???

    I ordered a 2023 Limited with this HO powerstroke, but I’m betting with the torque limiting programming in the lower gears it probably doesn’t even feel any different to drive than my 2022.
  3. davidevan970

    Picking up new Tremor this weekend - have questions

    I had the same thing happen with my platinum and it was a dealer goof. he missed the option to add the power steps and I got the Tremor ones. I decided to deal with it because I’ve found that the AMP Research steps seem to hold up over time better than the stock ones anyway.
  4. davidevan970

    Aftermarket Wheels & Tire size/offset photos

    I know everyone here hates it anyway and I look forward to more disparaging comments but for reference, 20x12 -40 offset with 35x13.50s fit on a completely stock truck after a 3/4” front bumper spacer and 10 minutes of trimming with the wheels still on. cut off the inside edge of the flare on...
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  8. davidevan970

    Aftermarket Wheels & Tire size/offset photos

    I know some people are majorly against them for whatever reason but I’ve had awesome luck with balancing beads, specifically the CounterAct brand. I’ve got them in my Ridge Grapplers now and it’s as smooth as could be at 90 mph. I’ve run them in Nittos, Toyos, BFGs and Mickeys and never had any...
  9. davidevan970

    David’s ‘22 Platinum Tremor

    I’m not going to bother with a for sale thread because I probably won’t be home for another 4 months after today, but if anyone in or around Colorado is looking for Tremor take-off wheels these will be sitting in my sister’s garage in Montrose with lug nuts, TMPS sensors and all and I’d let them...
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  12. davidevan970

    David’s ‘22 Platinum Tremor

    yep, Cimarron is a cool place! the black canyon is one of my favorite fishing places, it’s actually become tradition for my brother in law and I to go fishing there on Christmas Day. Gunnison is a cool little town too, and then from there it’s just a stone’s throw to Crested Butte or Monarch...
  13. davidevan970

    David’s ‘22 Platinum Tremor

    I personally don’t think it’s bad. if anything I kind of wish I’d have stuck with the usual 15% on the sides but it’s all manageable. the windshield doesn’t bother me much at all.
  14. davidevan970

    David’s ‘22 Platinum Tremor

    that was my thought too, I can’t for the life of me figure out why people are so attached to the stock Tremor wheels. they’re just XL wheels painted black, after all. but thank you, I’m glad not everyone hates it haha.
  15. davidevan970

    David’s ‘22 Platinum Tremor

    not that anyone here cares to see it, I’m sure, but I fit 20x12s with 35x13.50s on stock suspension with a 3/4” spacer on the front bumper and minor plastic trimming on the back side of the fender flare as well as the splash guard behind it. no issues besides that.
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  18. davidevan970

    Other Rides

    when I told my mom I’d ordered a Mustang she asked me if I’d ever thought about a Tesla and frankly it had never crossed my mind because I want something with 2 doors and 3 pedals that can do big smoky burnouts but from a performance standpoint, those cars are wild. one of my coworkers has a...
  19. davidevan970

    hauling two dirt bikes - alternatives to ratchet straps on the handlebars?

    I’ve always used Canyon Dancers for my track bike as well.. if you use the cam buckle straps it’s supposed to be better than ratchet straps because if you ratchet it down too hard it leaves the suspension compressed. the rule of thumb I was given was to just have an adult sit on the bike and...
  20. davidevan970

    Tremor saves the Raptor

    well that’s a messy deal but props to him for actually taking his Raptor out to get dirty, anyway. nice save.