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  1. cntyguy

    2022 FUNNY Meme Thread

  2. cntyguy

    ARB JIC-4 Air Coupler mounted in rear bumper?

    Love the integrated look, but I also wanted something hidden. Ran an airline from my air tank in the front of the bed to the side rail, inside a channel provided handily by the underside of the Retrax rail, to a fixed spot on the rear BuiltRight panel, terminating in a quick disconnect fitting...
  3. cntyguy

    Tire monitoring system

    Here is a screen grab with the location numbers and change data for a ‘22 7.3.
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  5. cntyguy

    How to remove C pillar plastic

    Assuming they’re the same on each side, I did the C pillar passenger side a few days ago, that one the top part pulled straight out toward the driver side. It did take some force. Has some rather deep fixed pillars that push into slots in the C pillar metal.
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    How to get Ford's Private Cash Offer (PCO OFFER)

    Must be their quota day, I had one show up today in email also. Coulda used it last year….🧐
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    Forscan for 2022

    Come over and borrow my laptop😂! No experience with macs, but I’m 15 mins up the road if you want to use mine. I only use it for forscan.
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    Southern California meetup

    Got a few interested folks, but running up against time for my original proposed date. Gonna push the date back a bit, hopefully more time gets more interest. Let’s tack on an extra four weeks and say end of March, that’ll give everyone time to get a schedule break. Let’s say March 25th, a...
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    Twin Arb Compressor Mount Behind The Rear Seat For 2017+ Superdutys

    Finally got mine mounted. Buy it now, install later, unless you really love fabbing up parts and harnesses….
  10. cntyguy

    Expedition to Tremor

    So far half and half on underground parking - gotta watch the clearance signs and be prepared to look for on-street parking.
  11. cntyguy

    It finally arrived and I love it!

    Great color with that SAP! Congrats on the new arrival!
  12. cntyguy

    7.3L oil change - full synthetic?

    Full synthetic, Mobil One.
  13. cntyguy

    Southern California meetup

    Holidays are over, time to see if there is interest in the Southern California area for a meetup. I‘m proposing a late February meet, say maybe February 25th? Could go a week or two later if there are too many conflicts. I’m in the Camarillo area, thinking maybe a casual place in Thousand...
  14. cntyguy

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Got the ARB, tank, air horn installed. There is a great spot for horns in 7.3 engine bay, and places in the bed to mount an air tank if you’re looking for them. In my case, under the retrax canister.
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    Tremor Imposters

    Excellent taste in color and packages! 🤣
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    That’s my next mod after I finish with the ARB/air tank/air horn I’m working on. Looking forward to it!
  19. cntyguy

    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Presuming you’re looking at swapping for the Raptor steering wheel as others have done? This was posted on the Raptor steering wheel thread: if you’re looking for additional info, look...
  20. cntyguy

    Hey from CO

    GREAT pic!