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    6.7L oil pan change article

    Right? This is some clickbait garbage of an article. Pulling the cab isn't a big deal especially for any tech who does it on a regular basis. They are purposely designed to be taken off because you can't get to a lot of the motor if you don't. The article is making it seem like replacing the...
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    Airbags, I tried searching.

    I ran Airlift 5000 Ultimate on my 2012 F250 and they worked great for towing my 13K travel trailer. Just installed another set on my 2022 F250 to prep for picking up a new fifth wheel. After learning that the F250 and F350 tremor are identical besides that badges and payload I plan to just...
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    Man regens now possible with new gen SD?

    I'm not too sure why people are worried about manual regens. The truck does it automatically while driving. If you've been around diesel trucks long enough you'll be able to pick out the smell. Not sure how to describe it really. Manual regens are supposed to be for situations where the...
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    Airbags, I tried searching.

    They print a bigger number on the payload sticker.
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    Factory winch just died

    Sure would be a shame if just before you took it in somebody just happened to steal the rope off your truck.;)
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    Cherry Flavored Diesel in a 6.7?

    In the last 11 years of driving trucks across the US and Canada I've never had my fuel checked. Had plenty of inspections in that time. I'm not sure how you would manage to piss off some random DOT cop to get them to check a personal vehicle.
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    Forscan for 2022

    Maximum setting is 15 minutes. You can hit it twice before having to start the truck with the key/push button. If you use the app to remote start you can hit the button at the top after starting it to extend it by 15 mins.
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    Old vs. New F-Series

    Why don't they compare similar trucks? It's not like Ford stopped making the regular cab long bed. Crew cabs aren't a new thing either. They have been around for 40+ years. People back then would have a cheap truck for their weekend hauling needs and then have a second car for hauling around...
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Imagine the problems a Texas bull hauler would cause with all his unnecessary lights.
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    Oops. Overloaded?

    Double clutching is only taught to new drivers to keep them from stripping the teeth off the gears. Anybody who is halfway decent at driving a truck is floating gears. On the rare occasion I have to drive a manual anymore I only use the clutch to start rolling. Can Rev match and change gears...
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    5th Wheel Wiring Harness Drilling Template

    Go to the link below and select your year and model from the drop downs. Then click Find my Vehicle. Open the accessories option then scroll down until you find "Super Duty 5th Wheel Trailer Tow 7-12 PIN prep Kit". When you click the link it will download a PDF that includes the drill...
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    Morimoto XB LED Taillights are HERE for ALL Tremor trucks at!

    In your second photo it looks like the locating pin isn't all the way in. There's a plastic clip that goes around that pin and through the sheet metal behind the light. When I did my lights some of those clips got stuck on the pins on the old light. I also found it was much easier to pull the...
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    OEM Tire Pressures

    2022 F250 6.7L 10,800 GVWR 60 PSI Front 70 PSI Rear/Spare
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    Driftwood Tremor Build

    Yea I was messing with it and just felt like I was going to break it. I'll have to take a closer look at it.
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    Weird Starting Issues 2020 6.7l;

    Did you hold down the hood switch while trying that? Remote start won't work and gives a single honk with the hood open.
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    Driftwood Tremor Build

    How does the console panel attach? Did you take it apart and bolt through or just screws into the plastic?
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    Super Duty Tremor Theft

    The security code on the screen to start was something I was thinking of the other day. I had a 2016 Kenworth T880 that was able to have a security code programmed into it. Had to input the code to start the truck. Without the code the fuel pump and injectors were disabled through the ECM...