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  1. Bones

    Possible Issues with Recon (or other) Roof Clearance Lights

    I recently did some upgrades with some smoked Recon LED lights. After the upgrade I started to receive errors from my tire sensor gauge (couldn't get a signal to provide readings - would happen about 15 minutes into my drive). After a few days I started to notice these errors would only take...
  2. Bones

    Tire pressure sensor issues...

    Anyone else having this issue. Started last week - truck will read the tire pressure for the fist 20 minutes of the trip then I’ll get a fault and they won’t read any longer? Noticed it started happening just after I installed the raptor grill lights (don’t see how that would be the catalyst of...
  3. Bones

    Check engine light

    Haven’t driven the truck in a week but did install the raptor lights to it. Got in tonight to go for a little spin and I have this check engine light and warning. Any ideas?
  4. Bones

    Burlacher - you on here?

    Follow this YouTube and notice his hat on today’s vlog. Is those our hat???
  5. Bones

    It’s finally here... Bones 2021 Tremor

    Got the tracking notification this morning... raced out to the lot to see it. Dealership isn’t open today so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
  6. Bones

    Super Duty Updated on to 2021 Model Year

    Looks like Ford finally updated the site with the 2021 model year for SD. Doesn't look like any minor body changes have taken place...
  7. Bones

    Soon to be new Tremor owner...

    Just put my order in this weekend for a 2021 F350 Tremor... Looking for ideas on tonneau covers (would like an option that allows me to have cargo rack eventually). Also, went with a full black on black but I'm considering bronze wheels with 37's (maybe 38's) under a Carli 2.5" pin top (thoughts...