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    Reviews won't be out until Jan 21st?! Delayed release?

    TFL Truck was the first to get the new F250 with the Tremor package. During the first part of the video they mention they won't be able to public driving impressions until Jan 2 1, 2020. So much for a late fall release?
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    Tremor #2 at SEMA (Note the Warm Winch not listed on the sign$

    Here's a short video of the reveal at SEMA of that truck.
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    SEMA show

    Looks good! Thanks for sharing the pics.
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    Walk around video/overview of the new F-350 Tremor

    2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat Sport w/ Tremor package shown off in the Blue Jeans color.
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    Anyone have any info on build/shipping dates?

    Thanks for the update @BigBill Hopefully we'll start seeing some video reviews soon up on youtube.
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    Welcome to the forum @amclaen - According to the fleet guide, the 4x4 crew cab with the 6 3/4 box is 81.9". I believe the Tremor package would add another 2" to that. I'm not 100% sure though.
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    Ford Super Duty - Tremor Photo Thread

    Awesome pics @Boogieman - Did you get to drive it?
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    Ford Super Duty - Tremor Photo Thread

    A few stock photos from Ford.
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    Anyone know that colors will be offered on the 2020 Tremor package ?

    I think the Iconic Silver will look good on the Tremor with the black grill. I have yet to see it in person, but it looks good in photos.
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    Negotiate the price when ordering?

    Good question @trailwolf - I believe these trucks will be in demand once released and I don't see dealerships offering deals right out of the gate. I'm sure we'll see some crazy good deals on the 2019s
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    Ford Super Duty - Tremor Photo Thread

    Wow, this grill looks AWESOME. I can't wait to see it in person. Ford nailed it on the design of this truck.
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    Tremor 6.7l diesel or 7.3l gas?

    @TexasTremor - not to mention the high maintenance costs. However, you normally see better discounts and rebates on the diesel trucks vs the gas. I also wonder if the resell is higher on the diesels, so even though you pay more up front you get that back when you are ready to sell? Just a...
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    2020 Super Duty specs

    Welcome to the forum @johng - Thanks for the link. Lots of info to read while we wait for the release.
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    Ordered my 2020 TREMOR today 08-21-19!

    Welcome to the forum @BigBill - Congrats on the order. Finding a F250/F350 with the 40/20/40 leather bench is tough these days. I don't get it though because it's so handy to have that extra seat sometimes.
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    2020 GMC 2500 AT4 vs Ford Tremor F250?

    Did anyone else consider purchasing the new 2500 AT4? It's a truck I seriously considered at one point, but I just couldn't get past the dated interior.
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    Ordered my F250

    Congrats! That's going to be an awesome truck. What's the estimated ship date?
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    Meet the new 7.3L Godzilla Gas Motor

    First sound clips of the new 7.3.
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    Tremor 6.7l diesel or 7.3l gas?

    Wow, that's pretty bad! I would expect the new 7.3l gas motor to get at least 10 towing?
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    Custom Order Platinum Tremor

    @abnmp557 - Welcome to the forum and congrats on the Tremor order. What color did you go with? What's the ETA?
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    7.3l Godzilla w/10 speed MPG

    What kinda gas milage do you think we'll see with the new 7.3l gas engine with the new 10 speed tranny? 16-18mpg on the highway w/o towing? ~10 towing? This might be a good place to post future results as well.