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  1. 830Tremor

    ??? mi to E

    I concur with Gotbeer.
  2. 830Tremor

    New Coaster Samples Ready, Need Your Feedback!

    I like or would buy either. But I like the mountains better. Offer both. I’ll buy one of each. Solar would be cool.
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    Selling our home!

    I love ole 300 bbq in blanco. Go order the Willie Nelson. Congrats on new home!
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    7.3 liter mpg

    I just passed 1500 miles. The first 1,000 I was getting 13.3. Now at 14.1.
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    Got my 2022 F350 Tremor today

    What bumper you got?
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    10 speed failures

    It’s Yeah but not equivalent to the sport driving mode on a f150. Doesn’t change the shifting and hold higher rpms. I think it just disables the traction controls. I’ve tried on mine and buddies super duty. Zero difference in my opinion.
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    HOT! Miles and Smiles - Giveaway!

    2022 7.3. 1512.7 miles. I smile every time my kids ask to ride in the tremor! I also smile every time I get on the throttle...
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    OEM vs Husky vs OEDRO Floor Liner Mats for 2020 2021 Ford Tremor.

    I’ve only ever owned weather Tech. Purchased husky and really like them.
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    10 speed failures

    My ‘22 7.3 shifts really smooth. I’m not in traffic much. Typically 55-70 on my commute. Plenty of curves and slow downs along the way. I’ve picked up on it skipping gears but wouldn’t really notice without the display. The only thing that compares to an aggressive shift has occurred when...
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    Question regarding theft deterrents on our trucks

    Just avoid San Antonio! It’s a necessary evil. When I go to town I always try to park in highly visible areas.
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    New to the Forum. Looking for suggestions

    fits snug. My bed has factory liner. There would be a gap by the cab but they send a piece of weatherstripping to seal that gap.
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    New to the Forum. Looking for suggestions

    Welcome! Here is what I did… Bed cover: BAK MX4. This is my first bed cover and I don’t have much to compare it to. But I purchased based on recommendation I received from family member who did bunch of research and has MX4 now for couple years on his tundra. floor mats: Husky. I took...
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    iPhone battery life

    Update. Problem repeated itself again a couple times. Under my iPhone settings I disabled wireless CarPlay. Battery seems fine on my phone so only have linked to wireless CarPlay. I changed out my usb cord for a USB-C charging port and have just been relying on wired CarPlay. Seems fine and my...
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    830 Tremor Landed

    BAK flip MX4 and custom gas cap holder thanks to @maxspongebob
  15. 830Tremor

    3D Printed Gas Cap Holder

    thanks @maxspongebob
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    Working on new product for Tremor, need your thoughts!

    When do you anticipate these being on the market? Pre orders?
  17. 830Tremor

    3D Printed Gas Cap Holder

    Thanks had a buddy print me one this weekend. Painting black for now.
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    Potentially Dangerous Things You Have Said To Your Spouse/Partner

    Me: what do you want to eat Wife: you pick M: bbq W: no I’m not hungry for that M: Mexican W: no… M: sushi W:no…. M: pizza, hamburgers, chinese…. W: no… M: okay then you pick W: I don’t know what I’m hungry for M: okay well let me know what you decide W: no just pick something M: okay bbq it...