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  1. 830Tremor

    830 Tremor Landed

    Glad I landed on this forum. Been very informative and enjoy seeing all your photos and projects. Here to report I finally “officially” joined. Picked up my 2022 F250 Lariat Tremor this week. This is my first new truck. A big upgrade from my 2006 Silverado. Big thanks to Caraway Ford in...
  2. 830Tremor

    iPhone battery life

    2022 tremor. Sync 4. iPhone 12. Haven’t come up with much related to my issue searching online. iPhone battery is drastically draining while utilizing Apple car play. Noticed with wireless usage and while wired. For instance 40 min drive drained 19% while not utilizing pandora or anything...
  3. 830Tremor

    Gray color comparison

    was poking around at local dealer and came across some various colors so thought I’d share comparison of gray colors. black (for benchmark) magnetic Carbonized Stone gold silver White these photos arent mine. Came from
  4. 830Tremor

    Weather Tech HP vs Husky Xact contour

    Does anyone have experience with the new weather tech HP floor mats. I was planning to get the Husky X act contour mats but just noticed the new WT HP mats provide the same rubber type material. I’ve only used WT in the past. I wasn’t a fan of the rigid material but was of the protection I’m...
  5. 830Tremor

    Hennessey 7.3

    Just thought I’d share for those who hadn’t seen this! POWER: • 700 bhp @ 6,000 rpm • 722 lb-ft torque @ 4,200 rpm INCLUDES: • High-Flow Supercharger System • High-Flow Air Induction System • Air-to-Air Intercooler Upgrade • Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust • Hennessey Calibration Upgrade •...