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  1. Jtv107

    Bumper replacement options??

    installed the ExpeditionOne bumper this past weekend, still need to add the winch. Very happy with the fit.
  2. Jtv107

    17-Inch Wheel?

    Confirmed. Almost 20,000 miles and would do it (17s) again. Feel like the added sidewall softened the ride somewhat but also increases my off-road capabilities? Hard to know for sure but I like the look of taller sidewalls.
  3. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    IMO After driving a LC200 for years, the F250 is as good if not better as an overland platform. Can't wait to see your flatbed set up.
  4. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    We have not, yet. Truck sits about level with the camper in it but I’m missing having a little bit of rake. Plus, I get a lot of folks thinking we’ve got our high beams on.
  5. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    The Scout is hard sided.
  6. Jtv107

    Tremors and Campers let's talk camping!!

    Added our Scout Kenai camper this month after waiting for half a year (We actually bought the camper before bumping the Tremor). Super impressed with how the 7.3L gas engine handled the camper's added weight through the mountains, saw no noticable difference. In fact, the gas mileage (albeit not...
  7. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    Picked up our Scout Kenai camper this month and took our first adventure with the Tremor and camper. We were super impressed with how the combo performed in all conditions.
  8. Jtv107

    Back up Camera Relocation

    Yes; we leave the tailgate down as it acts as a stoop for our slide in camper and the integrated step in the tailgate provides perfect access to the camper.
  9. Jtv107

    Back up Camera Relocation

    We purchased the following from camera source: Items Qty Price 2017+ Super Duty w/ 360 view-Mini-Universal Trailer cam SKU: CS-FTRSD-LP-TRL-15 The ‘good’ is the price and the flexibility of use. The ‘bad’ is the cameras image quality and the need press the ‘aux’ camera button to use it. we...
  10. Jtv107

    SOLD Sold

    Thanks for the link. It looks like its a 2019 fitment, not 2020. Are you confident that they're the same?
  11. Jtv107

    SOLD Sold

    Can you share the source for the bumper end caps with sensors where you purchased the paintable end caps?
  12. Jtv107

    North Carolina Tremors

    Charlotte, NC. Photo taken this weekend at New River Gorge .
  13. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    DB Automotive, off of eBay. Great quality and affordable at $65.
  14. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    Forgot to mention, there's a handful of smaller modifications not pictured including: BuiltRight underseat storage; BuiltRight dash mount; FORscan program changes to TPMS sensors, splash screen and gauge readouts; rear wheel well liners; Husky liners and Husky bed mat.
  15. Jtv107

    @TheUnpluggedFamily F250 Tremor Overland Build

    Last year, my family traveled across the country, including Canada, in a 2016 Toyota LandCruiser outfitted with an iKamper roof top tent and loved it so much that we've taken the leap to a Ford F250 and slide in camper set up. The new set up will provide additional security for camping in the...
  16. Jtv107

    Ray's Antimatter Blue Lariat 6.7L Build

    Satin black touches look awesome, especially like the wider hood 'stripe'. We installed satin black film on the top section only and it looked too narrow in my opinion. We have subsequently removed that film.
  17. Jtv107

    Ford Performance ARB Portable High Output Air Compressor Reviews?

    Has anyone installed the twin compressor in the engine bay? Looking for a mount for the drivers side of the engine bay to put an ARB twin compressor under the hood.
  18. Jtv107

    A pillar lights