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    Carli question

    The most I tow is a single car/truck trailer and so far am content. If I towed more I would run a pair of bags.
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    Carli question

    I have not personally driven a Backcountry equipped truck, so I honestly cannot make a comparison. However, I can confirm that the Pintop is definetly better than stock suspension. The steering is crisp and responsive, but the jarring from speed bumps and curbs is gone and my ass end no longer...
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    Carli question

    Love my gas 2.5” pintop👍. What specifically are you wanting to know?
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    Texas Tremors

    I’ld be game to participate (not plan;)
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    I had to do a little trimmimg... Post in thread 'whats everyone got for a wheel/tire setup?'
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    Tremor76’s Build Thread

    I’m pretty happy with the position of the lights. Here is a video I referenced to cut my holes. 1)covered the area with blue painters tape 2)checked back of bumper to make sure wires were moved and I wasnt cutting into a bracket 3) used a tape measure and straight edge to marke both positions...
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    What did you do to your Tremor today?

    Thanks! -WHEELS: Black Rhino ‘Arsenal’ (18x9.5 w/ -18 offset) no center caps / Black Warn Locking Hubs, Black Lug Nuts -TIRES: Cooper STT PRO (37x13.5R18)
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    Bed extender question

    10 min mod that is well worth it. You will need to run a tap to clean out the factory threads in the nut plate before installing and I suggest using anti-seize on the bolts to prevent corrosion in the threads. I’ve broke two off on past Fords when trying to remove the extender.
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    Prayers Please

    Prayers for you brother. I recently read this quote and it is so true. “Dogs lives are short. Their only fault really.”
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    Tremor76’s Build Thread

    Install was pretty straight forward...1 hr. I ran a 14 AWG wire from the upfitter fuse box, behind the battery tray, down the inside of the passenger front fender and back to rear bumper using heavy duty tie wraps to secure the cable on the inside of the chassis rail out of harms way and so it...
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    What do y’all do for a living?

    Deepwater...subsea well control and well intervention
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    Other than Carli........

    @USP45 My opinion/speculation only...not fact. I have the 2.5” Pintop w/ 37” tires on 18” wheels and love the ride, but haven not driven a truck with the 4.5” Pintop. Having said that, I would speculate that the basic suspensions ride the same and would attribute the difference in feel to...
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    I just went postal!

    Basically we all turned on Shrike9 for being ‘that guy’. It’s kind of fun! Just grab a meme and join in on the beating. Sometimes you just need something (or someone) to kick for being stupid. EDIT: or make a post asking a question or telling a dumb story and he’ll take the bait. Then you...
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    I just went postal!

    I would like to thank @Shrike9 for providing healing in our country. He has brought a Right Wing Wacko (me) and a Libtard ( offense meant;)together and unified us in our fight against douchbaggery.