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    Anyone know that colors will be offered on the 2020 Tremor package ?

    This might help you. Here's a preview of all the colors available on the 2020 Ford Super Dutys according to the fleet guide.
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    Keep the stock 35" Duratrac tires?

    I don't have any experience with the Duratrac tires. How's the road noise compared to the KO2s or the Terra Grappler G2?
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    7.3l Godzilla w/10 speed MPG

    I'm thinking about 16 unloaded on the highway and 12 in town. 10 towing.
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    Meet the new 7.3L Godzilla Gas Motor

    Just imagine what a good exhaust system will make it sound like!
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    Tremor at the Texas State Fair?

    I can't wait to see what the aftermarket guys do with the Tremor! I would guess it will be very popular this year.
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    Ordered my F250

    Nice build! Congrats!
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    Negotiate the price when ordering?

    How are you guys able to negotiate a good price when ordering the 2020 model? I've noticed the 2019 F250s are seeing about $5000-$8000 off of MRSP. Are you able to get any discount on a new Tremor? Thanks!
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    2020 GMC 2500 AT4 vs Ford Tremor F250?

    I've never been a huge fan of the GMC or Chevy trucks. Just not my cup of tea.
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    2020 Ford Tremor Towing Specs are here!

    Those payload numbers are impressive and a hell of an increase over the Power wagon. I have my doubts how well this truck will handle off-road with that hard of a suspension.
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    Future Tremor Owner

    I'm currently a Ford F150 ecoboost owner, but looking to hang with the big boys and upgrade to a Tremor sometime next year. Glad to have found this place!
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    Roush F250 Suspension vs Tremor

    The Roush F250 is one hell of a nice looking truck. I think it's over priced for what you get though. Most of them are selling in my area for $90,000! I'm sure the FOX suspension is better, but you are losing the new 10 speed tranny. It's a tough call until we know the exact pricing on the...
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    Tremor 6.7l diesel or 7.3l gas?

    I'm also more interested in learning about the new 7.3l gas engine. I think the diesel (+$10,000?) will put the Tremor out of my price range.
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    Tremor Turning Radius vs Power Wagon?

    Does anyone know how's the turning radius in the Tremor compared to the Powerwagon?