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    POLL: Did your truck come from dealer inventory, or did you special order it

    Quick, easy and cheap to add the soft open.
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    Poll: At what price would you sell your Tremor?

    You have to lower the PSI and you have to break in the tires.
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    Tremors and Campers let's talk camping!!

    That midnight pee is a bitch!
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    60 days for shipment?

    Me and your truck will share a birthday.
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    Underside of my hood not body color??? thoughts

    I said most. Weight savings wasn’t the primary objective on these guys.
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    Underside of my hood not body color??? thoughts

    The darker the color the heavier it is too. That’s why most airplanes are white or lighter colors.
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    Tremor Payload??

    That’s fantastic!
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    Added a 1.5” level,how’s it look?

    1,500 pounds of sod gets it level and it only cost me $200.
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    7.3L and 24,000 lb gooseneck in the Rockies

    Show this to the guy that test drove one that couldn’t get out of its own way because it was so slow and underpowered...
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    Can't latch rear seat

    I still put one on because I know at some point my boys will find a way to lose something back there.
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    Spray in bed liner brand?

    It’s standard with the black appearance package.
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    Londerko’s New Tremor

    They forgot the car seat.
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    Trucks here. The Winch isn't.

    Yep, you win!
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    Custom exhuast for thr 7.3L

    Come on man, don’t be a tease. It’s like describing a beautiful woman but not providing a picture.
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    6.7 diesel to 7.3 gas

    I’d buy the 100k gas over a 200k diesel every day of the week.