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    TOTM October 2021 Tremor of the Month Winner is...

    Congratulations @TenX. Nice truck.
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    First new vehicle!

    Nice looking truck, congrats!
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    Putco Inside Truck Bed Molle Panels

    You might also want to check out Built Right Industries. Their panels only go in the corners, but they are high quality.
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    Ordered: 2022 F250 Lariat w/ Tremor Package

    Beer/liquor and xanax. They will help with the wait.
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    It’s here!!!

    Congratulations! Very nice.
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    FYI 2022 Updated Production Schedule

    You can always argue the point, like my dad taught me. Always tell them I don't advertise for free, so if they want their sticker on there, they can provide free oil changes and inspections while the truck is under warranty. Some agree, some just choose to remove it. My dad actually had one...
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    Silver Spruce Lariat 7.3 F-250

    Nice truck! Cool picture. Make sure you enter for next month's TOTM
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    Ordered mine today

    Congrats on the order. Welcome to the waiting club.
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    FYI 2022 Updated Production Schedule

    If you look at Rowlrag’s post above, he has spry in liner and has a build date..
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    Baja Designs 7 XL linkable kit

    I emailed BD, as this kit was not showing on their website. I received a reply, advising that the mounts are being revised and as soon as they receive the new mounts, it will be listed again. Since I'm still waiting for Ford to pick my truck for build, I guess waiting for the revised kit, is...
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    Front End Renovations

    I emailed them. They are revising the mounts for the kit. They said it will be back on the website, once they have the new mounts.
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    I absolutely love...

    Congrats! Great truck.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Has any one seen Vermonsters truck? reward ?????

    I was thinking about buying him this, to keep him occupied until his gets here.
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    Tinted Windows & Badges Look Good

    Looks great! Enjoying the pictures, as this is what I'm waiting on.