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    Need advice buying out of state...

    Bought mine near St. Louis. Flew down from Michigan for $120. Dealership driver picked me up at the airport, I inspected the truck, did the deal and drove it home, Easy as could be.
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    Prayers and all God's strength for your father and your family. And for a sfe trip for you;
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    6.7l Block Heater 1st Use

    In my mind, having it plugged in and warm has to be easier on all components and aid in engine life. Imagine how thick motor oil is at -10 or 20 or worse. I have poured it before and it can be worse than molasses. Will it start without being plugged in? More than likely. Can you make it's (and...
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    Baja Designs November Group Buy

    And my final package arrived today. My order is now complete. Hope every one else has theirs by now too. Looks like a snowbound weekend. Might have some time to begin installation.
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    Baja Designs November Group Buy

    Praise the lord, praise the lord... My reverse lights were on the deck when I got home tonight and just checked email. Tracking for XL light bar says arriving tomorrow. Looks like I may be doing some light work this weekend!!!
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    Baja Designs November Group Buy

    Yay!! Hoping mine show up soon. Happy for you tho. Did you ever receive any shipping or tracking info?
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    Baja Designs November Group Buy

    I appreciate the update. I am in the same boat. Still waiting on most of my order. I can certainly understand delays and holdups in the current climate that we are in. But.... And this is a big but. The seller we gave our orders and money to should have been keeping us in the loop and updating...
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    New member in Michigan

    Welcome. From the sunset side of the Mitten state Tremor owner. You'll love this place. A wealth of info to share and some great guys to get to know.
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    Bank pedal monster

    Love my Pedal Monster on my2020 6.7. And from my understanding, the blue tooth control is only to make adjustments. Once you set it on your choice, it will stay there until you reconnect your phone and change settings. Very easy to operate.
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    397 Amp Alternators plus Supplemental Heat

    Unfortunately my truck doesn’t have supplemental heat. Does anyone know if it can be added now? Would be nice on the cold Michigan and Montana mornings.
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    DEAL November 2020 Group Buy!

    I’m in. Just need to decide how much debt to take on. LOL. Thanks Modified and NEO
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    Reverse Flood lights using factory tail lights

    This looks great and very clean install too. I'd love to do it to my Tremor. Can you give a more detailed explanation of the process and parts used. Thank you.
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    Floor mats, what have you bought?

    Mine came with factory mats installed. They were not even close to full coverage. I replaced them with weathertech as soon as I could. They didn't reach the door and would have dumped all liquid on the carpet. And didn't have coverage behind the throttle pedal. On a side note, I have a set of...
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    Velocity Blue New Owner

    Brother, you bought my truck. LOL I was in Pella a few weeks back too. Stumbled on to this one. Talked to the salesman , but couldn't get a deal put together. Came back to Michigan. Called them a few days later to try again and it was gone. My loss. Congrats on a great ride!!!
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    Tremor with some funky options

    WOW!! Love it without the carpet. Making me rethink my choices as the carpet in my current ride never does anything but require cleaning even with my weathershields.. Looks great man.