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    Saw Thiis in Oakland

    My bad. Had no idea. I retract the imposter portion.
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    Saw Thiis in Oakland

    Saw this in Roseville, CA. (*edited to remove imposter from post. Had no idea this was my MY22 F250 Tremor’s ancestor.)
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    Thanks for the add

    Congrats on the Tremor. Just one more thing you have to look forward to when you come home. I’ve had my 22 F250 Tremor for 7 weeks now. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you for your service to our country 🇺🇸. Be safe.
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    Omitting Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System

    Nothing new to add other than I agree we need to know the dimensions of our trucks and be comfortable maneuvering them around without cameras but…..I’m with the majority of those who have replied saying I use the cameras (especially overhead 360 view and front camera) every time I drive my...
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    What do you pay for insurance?

    $1162 a year for our Tremor. Also have Homeowners and two other vehicles on the account. 250/500 deductible.
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    10 speed failures

    Exact same experience with my ‘22 7.3 so far. Only 1500 miles in. Hope it stands the test of time.
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    New to the 250 club

    Northern California as well. Purchased mine at Auburn Ford.
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    Got Shipped - Concerned about quality & warranty

    Ordered my Tremor 04/23. It was delivered on 08/17. I have been a member here for some time and did a lot of thread reading. Just like you it caused me to have concerns about quality and reliability. I was coming from a long line of Toyotas, the most recent being a 2014 Tundra. Having had little...
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    New to the 250 club

    Congrats! Ordered my MY22 F250 7.3 Tremor on 04/23 and took delivery on 08/17. The wait was well worth it. 1500 miles in and I love the truck. Zero issues found at delivery and so far no problems.
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    Who has a 7.3 and experienced the "misfire" plug wire concern or not please leave feedback

    My F250 7.3 Tremor was built 07/26. Appears to have same wires as yours.
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    Who has a 7.3 and experienced the "misfire" plug wire concern or not please leave feedback

    Thanks for posting. Just ordered a couple to have on hand.
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    $699 charge for security system?

    I also have the Lariat Ultimate package on my ‘22 F-250 7.3 Tremor. I thought it came with the upgraded security package but after reading your post I’m not so sure. Is there a way to determine which version we have on our trucks?
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    Wi-Fi router recommendations?

    Over the years I’ve tried multiple routers and home networking gear. I’m very much a layman when it’s comes to this stuff but after Netgear, Eero, Google WiFi, Asus and ISP supplied equipment I finally settled on Ubiquiti. It’s aimed at small office/home business type deployments but many small...
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    10 speed failures

    For those experiencing issues did you have them from the beginning or have they developed over some time? Just curious as I’m only at 1500 miles but finding it to be the smoothest shifting transmission on any vehicle I’ve owned.
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    Harrop Blown 7.3